Zoe Hopkins
Zoe Hopkins
Bullworth High Pre-Enrolment Photo
Full name: Zoe Hopkins
Also known as: Mrs. Hopkins
Gender: Female
Date of birth: May 22, 1975 (aged 40)
Place of birth: Bullworth, New Langdon
Home: Hayward, New Langdon
Nationality: American
Family: James Hopkins (husband)
Jonathan Hopkins (son)
Main Affiliation: Bullworth Hospital
Bullworth Nurses Association
Vehicle(s): Dark green Karin Dilettante
"Whatever happened to modesty and proper attire? Young women today strut about in reveling clothing flaunting their bodies to any man who looks their way. I feel so sorry for those painted harlots."
―Zoe commenting on modern women
Zoe Hopkins (née Taylor) is a character in the GTA Expanded Universe and a prominent community figure in Bullworth. She is married to James Hopkins to whom she remains passionately loyal. Zoe is an adoring wife who vocally praises her husband on a frequent basis.

As a graduate of Bullworth High in the "Class of 1995" Zoe is, along with her husband, a very vocal member of the Bullworth High Alumni Association. She is a staunch campaigner for the introduction of a Christian Woman's programme at Bullworth High to restore proper morals to the young women of today.

Zoe is a Charge Nurse at Bullworth Hospital responsible for running the Children's Ward. Tasked with managing a nursing team dedicated to caring for the sick and hurt children of Bullworth she takes her job very seriously. A devout Catholic she sees it as her God-given duty to tend to the children placed in her care. She is a regular member of the St. James Catholic Church congregation where she takes an active part in church events.

Background Edit

Zoe was born in 1975 in a rundown trailer park on the outskirts of Clairmont Industrial Park. She was raised by a strung-out drug addict mother and an abusive father who frequently beat her. As a small child she often ran away from home in order to escape the physical and emotional abuse heaped on her by both parents. She began spending as little time at home as possible and gained a reputation as a delinquent troublemaker. In her early teens she was molested by her father on several different occasions which saw her enrolled at Bullworth Academy in order to take her out of her harmful home environment.

Her troubled past followed her to Bullworth Academy. She was expelled for claiming, quite truthfully, that she had been sexually harassed and propositioned by the boarding school's gym teacher. She refused to go home and soon found herself on the streets as a teenage delinquent hanging out with a group of fellow delinquent high school dropouts. She was readmitted to Bullworth Academy only to be transferred to Bullworth High when the troubled boarding school was forcibly shut down in 1991.

Life changed for Zoe after her transfer to Bullworth High. She gained a place on the Cheer Squad and began a committed relationship with her new boyfriend James Hopkins. A combination of her being a cheerleader and her boyfriend's position on the football team saw Zoe swiftly propelled to the heights of high school popularity. She became one of the most popular students in her school year and was crowned Prom Queen in her senior year. Zoe graduated Bullworth High with good grades and went on to continue her studies at the University of New Langdon. She enrolled herself at the university's School of Medicine in Trescott beginning a seven year nursing course.

Adult Life Edit

Zoe completed her studies in 1997 graduating with a Master's degree in advanced nursing. She was soon offered an entry level nursing job at Bullworth Hospital which she eagerly accepted and returned to her childhood hometown. She applied herself to her work with a single-minded dedication much to the impressed approval of hospital management. It was at this time that she gained a strong Christian faith becoming a practicing Catholic and member of the St. James' Catholic Church congregation.

In 2005 she married her long-term boyfriend James Hopkins in an emotional and touching ceremony held at Carlton Gardens. Passionately loyal to and deeply in love with her new husband she took his last name as a gesture of her utter commitment to him. Zoe prides herself on being a loyal and loving wife doting on her husband. In the same year she was promoted to Charge Nurse in recognition of her advanced training and sheer dedication to her job.

Zoe is now a senior Charge Nurse at Bullworth Hospital. She runs the Children's Ward and oversees a dedicated nursing team tasked with caring for the youngest patients in the hospital's care. In 2013 she was awarded a Distinguished Service Medallion in recognition of the compassionate care given to her patients and the dedication with which she carries out her duties. Now that she is expecting her first child Zoe has settled into the life of a devoted wife, expectant mother and working woman. She is a permanent member of the St. James' Catholic Church congregation and continues to be extremely active at church events. She is highly critical of the loose morals and flirtatiousness of modern women whom she views as wayward lost souls. With the support of her church she runs the Bullworth Young Women's Group (BYWG) in an effort at injecting Christian morals and principles into the lives of the young women in her city. Zoe is a highly vocal campaigner for the introduction of an abstinence and mentorship programme for young women at Bullworth High.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

In her teenage years Zoe became rebellious and willful. Deeply affected by the abuse and neglect of her childhood she turned to delinquency to fill the void. Memories of being molested by her father left her with a bitter distrust of the male gender and an inability to form healthy relationships. She quickly developed an inability to trust anyone becoming sullen and confrontational. These personality traits followed her throughout much of her youth giving her a dark attitude hidden behind the perky persona of a cheerleader.

It wasn't until she discovered her Christian faith at the University of New Langdon that Zoe was able to come to terms with her past. Becoming a practicing Catholic allowed her to forgive her parents and finally let go of the pain of her past. Her faith has given her a firm belief in the importance of Christian values and a strong moral compass. She is a doting wife who passionately loves her husband staying fiercely loyal to him at all times. Zoe is an unfailingly kind and deeply caring woman who will go out of her way to help others. She possesses a bubbly warmth and positivity that has made her one of the most pleasant residents of Bullworth. Zoe is an intelligent young woman with a deep-seated modesty.

Trivia Edit

  • Zoe Hopkins, and her original character as seen in-game, remains the sole property of Rockstar Games as does the picture used above. The above content exists as extended fan-made content intended to continue her story after the end of Bully. It is pure fan-fiction and in no way constitutes official content endorsed by Rockstar Games in any way.

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