Yukiha Tenjo is the protagonist of Fragment's Note and a supporting character in A Different Perspective.

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Yukiha is a people person. Bobby notes in Act I that he just gives off a welcoming, comforting "aura" that allows people to be naturally relaxed around him. He often tries to treat everyone with the utmost respect and cater for as many of their needs as possible, which also contributes to this factor.

Much to Mischa's annoyance, Yukiha gets a fair amount of attention from some of the female students, but is too much of a nice guy to tell them off straight out.

Interestingly enough, Yukiha is a bit of a spoiled kid in some aspects. He's a really picky eater thanks to his mother and older sister Haya being superb cooks, which set a very high standard. Because of this, he unintentionally catalyzed Yukitsuki's own rise in cooking skill.

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