Your Choice, Your Fate 2: House of Damnation (or House of Damnation or YCYF2) is the sequel to the Your Choice, Your Fate story and game, as well as being the second (chronologically the fourth) one in the Your Choice, Your Fate series.

This story revolves around seven friends; Ash Triles, Tom Capes, brothers Daryl and Lyle Stone, Scooter Jax, Zed Blaster and Lucas Blade, as they decide to investigate the rumors about the supposedly haunted Mansion of Heaven (now called the House of Damnation), where they are soon trapped and forced to play the death game known as "Your Choice, Your Fate", held by the enigmatic witch girl, Eliza Marie Ren Satanica, who was the previous heiress of the mansion's family before her death.


"Have you ever heard the rumors about the House of Damnation?

Some people have said that that place is full of nothing but an abandoned mansion that is far from the town, which resides at the top of seaside cliff. But I also heard that, others have said that that place was where the infamous witch, Eliza, used to live before the townspeople confronted and burned her to death a century ago during the time when a so-called illness spread across town like a wildfire.

But... there is this other rumor that, those who enter the mansion and after a while, never come back out again. Because, I heard that, the mansion is filled with demonic entities; possible creations by the witch herself to seek vengeance against those who burned her.

But then again... there's this other rumor that my dad told me, that if you enter that place, you'll find yourself and whoever is with you playing a certain "game", and that... if you play it, chances are... you'll die...

My dad said... that, your choice... and whatever else you do... will mark your fate... inside that place, called the House of Damnation..."


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