Your Choice, Your Fate is a series of horror stories created and written by Red Tiger.

The series revolve around a different group of characters all coming from different points in time, where these people are forced to play the death/killing game known as "Your Choice and Your Fate" a game designed to propel those caught within its grasp to undergo various different challenges and overcome them by choosing what course of action they will take all with varying results from wonderous miracles that may give the survivors aid and luck in their time... to horrific consequences that may result in bloody, grizzly death not just for one, but potentially for everyone present.

Currently there are two stories made, with two more upcoming, making it an overall of four stories.


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Core SeriesEdit

Series List
Story Chapter Number, Date in Story and Host
Your Choice, Your Fate The First Chapter | 2005 | Unknown
Your Choice, Your Fate 2: House of Damnation The Second Chapter | 2008 | Eliza Satanica


Series List
Story Date in Story and Host
Your Choice, Your Fate: The Untold Stories 2004 (Archia's story), 2002 (Yvonne's story) and 2007 (Alexander's story) | Unknown and Eliza Satanica
Your Choice, Your Fate: Origins 2003 | The Hooded Man


The First Chapter:Edit

The Second Chapter:Edit

Untold Stories:Edit


[ To be Added... ]


  • The titular death/killing game can take on various appearances with different hosts for every different style of game. Examples being the Black Box from the first chapter and the House of Damnation from the second chapter being the "stages" where the game may begin and take place in.
    • However, the Black Box had no known host while the House of Damnation had Eliza as its host. It can be argued that the Watcher could have very well been the host of the first chapter, but this is up to debate.

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