Your Choice, Your Fate: The Untold Stories is a story written by Vince and is a tie in and bonus "episode" for his game series, Your Choice, Your Fate.

The Untold Stories will center around three characters from both the first and second Your Choice, Your Fate games, mainly Archia Bell, Yvonne Christians and Alexander McArthur. This story will focus on how Archia and Yvonne ended up within the black box from the first game before they eventually met the first group of protagonists and how Alexander survived within the House of Damnation from the second game before his subsequent death at the hands of the second group of protagonists.

Note: For those who are currently playing the second game and have not reached or passed the part where the group has to battle Alexander, please refrain from his story to avoid spoilers.


Archia's Story:Edit

On a rainy day, a teenage girl named Archia Bell is driving along her friends on their way to a lodge for the summer, but it appears that today wasn't exactly a good one due to the sudden downpour. As Archia's friends; Robert, Dave, Sheila, Kristoff, Lili, Parker, Lee and Reed, chat with each other about their next vacation, Archia is simply staring out at the raining sky, thinking of how she should have just stayed at home to finish her own projects she wanted to do.

Just then, as Lee is driving, a truck appears from the woods and almost hits their vehicle, but causes them to drift off from the road and, due to the slippery road, are then lost driving across the nearby woods and eventually causes them to hit a tree. However, their car turns sideways and rolls down and eventually stops, knocking everyone for hours.

[To be Continued...]

Yvonne's Story:Edit

Yvonne Athenase, a teenage girl who is about to hit her senior year, goes off with her friends, Roger, Ericson, Tommy, Brenda, Rose, Francis, Terrance and Mercy, to celebrate their last day as being junior high school students.

[To be Continued...]

Alexander's Story:Edit

[To be Added...]


[To be Added...]


[To be Added...]


[To be Added...]

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