Your Choice, Your Fate is a story written by Vince, as well as a game that uses player determined choices and role playing as game mechanics with future consequences depending on the choices the players have done earlier.

It is the first (chronologically the third) one in the Your Choice, Your Fate series, with a sequel,Your Choice, Your Fate 2: House of Damnation, following this story afterwards.

The story takes place in the year 2005, following a group of friends; Try Pyre, Adi Xervana, Seth Lazer, Skip Randall and Thomas Olers, who were all headed to a nearby town where Skip's grandparents reside to spend the summer with until they were all suddenly brought inside a mysterious black box, where they must now play the death game, where their choice will decide their fate.


"There live a story, where it is said that a mysterious black object will appear immediately in front of a group of people, and will test their will of friendship and survival by forcing them to play a game...

A game of which is designed to break one's soul and eat away their psychological hold, turning them insane... out of fear... out of guilt... out of grief... out of nothingness... and eventually, tearing themselves apart...

This game is unlike any other, as they say. This game is meant to test who will live and who will not. It is a game of choice, but others say it is a game of fate. However, to most...

It is a death game that has no other purpose but to bring upon fear and death. This story, whether it is real or not, has been said that has taken countless lives. A game that will see if your choices will make way for your fate...

They say... that your choice... will define.... your fate..."



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Chapter 1:Edit

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Chapter 2:Edit

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Chapter 3:Edit

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  • Try Pyre
  • Seth Lazer
  • Adi Xervana
  • Thomas Olers
  • Skip Randall
  • Archia Bell
  • Yvonne Christians


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