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Name: Xenon
Tagline(s): Live Vicarious
Type: Television Channel
"Live Vicarious"
―Channel slogan

Xenon is a cable and satellite television channel owned by Xenon Networks. Its programming is primarily consists of .

It was originally known as WCN but underwent a major rebrand in late 2013 in order to revitalize its identity as a channel. A consideration panel reviewed fan surveys and found the name "Zephyr" to be more accepted by its young audience. The new name created an image of edginess and modernity that suited youth culture.

The channel was originally launched on March 12th 2008 with the pilot episode Shadowkin which enjoyed a lengthy screening time. It was relaunched in its new form on October 23rd 2013 with broadcasting transitioning seamlessly from one to the other. The channel originally aired a range of general interest shows before switching to its modern list of programming. WCN, now known as Zephyr, has achieved phenomenal success attracting a cult-like following among viewers who loyally follow the channel.

Shadowkin and Orion stand as the channel's most popular shows. Due to their strong fan-base and consistently high viewing statistics these two shows remain as anchor shows. Despite being coming to an end Shadowkin is still screened on the channel as reruns ahead of a planned sequel series.

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  • Zephyr unashamedly exclusively targets young adults with its programming lineup being geared to their interests. Its lineup features a diverse range of popular "cult" television shows carefully selected and altered depending on viewing statistics and popularity. It is routinely marketed at its intended audience with very careful attention paid to what its viewers are watching.
  • Due to the constantly changing interests of its young adult audience Zephyr is always looking for the latest "hit" show making it a prime channel of opportunity for aspiring scriptwriters.
  • The channel first came into being as the West Coast Network (WCN) in 2007 operating as a broadcast network with a single self-named channel. Following a restructuring in 2009 it was developed into a channel using the initials of the original network while the broadcast entity underwent a rebranding to become Vector Networks. It was rebranded a second time in 2013 to become Zephyr.