"Man, that was a great workout! You're one hell of a workout partner, bro!"
―Jordan Haines

Work Hard, Play Hard is the fifth chapter of Turner's Second Chance.


Chris goes to the gym with Jordan for the first time, after meeting his sister Vanessa, who he falls in love with.

Character AppearancesEdit

Note: A name in Italics indicates this is the character's first appearance.


  • Natalie Carson, a character previously featured in the Sibling Rivalries comic "One Tough Break-Up" appears in this comic, where it is shown she has moved to San Francisco from Green Bay and has taken up working out. She still suffers from anger issues.
    • The said comic was also referenced by Jordan when talking about Natalie with Chris, saying that she has not been the same since her boyfriend "Packie or something like that" broke up with her back in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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