Wisconsin Elementary School is the secondary setting of Sibling Rivalries. It is a fictional school located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the majority of the characters in the series attend.


The school is similar to an average school, with a playground, gym, classrooms, and others. The principal is a strict teacher named Albert Green. However, in Season 4, he was replaced by his step-son, the much nicer Mark Leone.

In the Season 1 comic "Locker 239", the 2nd Grade student Mark Sanders accidentally drove right into the side of the school with his mother's car. Two years later, in the Season 4 comic "The Amnesia Act of 2015", the area that was destroyed is covered with caution tape.

The school is no longer a main setting in the series starting with Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, as the protagonist of the series, Patrick "Packie" McReary promoted from WES in May 2016, and now attends Green Bay Southwest High School starting from August 2016. WES will still make minor appearances now and then, as Packie's younger siblings still attend the school in their last few years there, and Packie will visit a couple of times.

Known FacultyEdit

  • Albert Green - Principal (? - 2013)
  • Mark Leone Jr. - Principal (2014 - present)
  • Michael Jacob - 5th/6th Grade Math Teacher (? - present)
  • Charlie Richards - 5th/6th Grade Science Teacher (? - present)
  • Amanda Pratt - 5th/6th Grade Language Arts Teacher (? - present)
  • Leslie Stevens - 5th/6th Grade Social Studies Teacher (? - present)
  • Scott Hill - Gym Teacher (some time after 2012 - present)


  • Season 3 has the least amount of appearances of the school. Also, the school will not appear at all during Season 6 as the entire season is meant to be set during summer vacation.
  • "Locker 239" is the first comic to take place entirely at the school (during three days).
    • "The Lockdown" is the second comic to only take place at the school.


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