Wendy Delgado is the tritagonist of Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, and a minor character in Turner's Second Chance. She is a cute 11-year old (circa 2011) girl who resides in Vancouver, Canada. After playing football with his buddies at the Vancouver Football Field, a sweaty Jason Parker bumps into her while walking home. She introduces herself and says he saw Jason's football game the other night, and compliments Jason on his skills. She even calls Jason cute, and Jason says she is cute as well. Later, the two, with Drake Romero, go hang out at Sonic. When Wendy leaves, Jason tells Drake he might have a crush on her.

Throughout the story, Wendy and Jason's relationship gets bigger, and at the end of the story, after winning the championship game, Jason once again sees Wendy. She says, "Nice job" and Jason says "Thanks". They smile at eachother for a while, then they finally come close for a kiss. SR: VS ends with Jason, Drake, and Wendy becoming best friends, as well as Wendy and Jason becoming a couple. Despite this, Wendy is absent in Sibling Rivalries: The Introduction, although she may still be friends with Jason and Drake.

Sure enough, Jason and Wendy are still a couple by the events of Turner's Second Chance in 2016.


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  • Despite Wendy being the cause of Jason being (temporarily) kicked off the football team, she isn't actually an antagonist, as she did not mean for this to happen.
  • Wendy was the only main character in SR: VS that did not appear or was mentioned in the main series (Jason, Drake, and Esteven were mentioned in "Straight Outta Green Bay", Gerry is among the five protagonists of the series, and Joel is the main antagonist of the series).