The first episode of Dimitri Vs Dogs. The Labrador joins Dog INC.


We see a dark room. A door opens. The Labrador comes into the room holding a candle.

  • Labrador:Hello? Anybody hee?
  • ???:Welcome fellow canine.
  • Labrador:Who are you?
  • ???:That is not imporant right now.
  • Labrador:W-When do I start working?
  • ???:After you answer the following question.
  • Labrador:What is it?
  • ???:Do you want revenge on Dimitri Rascalov?
  • Labrador:Yes.
  • ???:Oh,(turns on lights revealing the inside of Dog INC)then you're in! I'm the Beagle, your leader in the dog buisness.(motions to The Bloodhound)This is the bloodhound, my brother.
  • Bloodhound:Hi.
  • Beagle:(points to an unoccupied chair without looking at it. Next to it is a table with a lot of gadgets)This is the Golden Retriever. Our main mechanic.
  • Labrador:Ok. Where is he?
  • Beagle:(looks at empty chair) Please don't tell me he's-

We see the Golden Retriever in a motorcycle. He is driving at high speed.

  • Golden Retriever:YYYYYYEEEEEEEEE HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! (He gets hit by a car after)

Cut back to Beagle and Labrador.

  • Beagle:Wherever he is, I'm sure he'll eventually finish his missile. Moving along, here we have the top 5 most wanted
  • Labrador(reading chart):#5: Dimitri Rascalov, #4 Dimitri Rascalov, #3: Dimitri Rascalov, #2:Dimitri Rascalov, #1 Dimitri Rascalov.
  • Beagle:We really need more enemies. There is one more agent I would like you to meet. My sister.
  • Labrador:Where is she?
  • Beagle:Behind you.

Polterpup tackles Labrador and licks her face

  • Polterpup:Hiya! Welcome to the agency!