"Now this is where I start my next big journey. Here's to hoping this first year of high school will definitely be one to remember!"
―Patrick McReary

Welcome Freshmen is the first comic in Season 1 of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, and the 47th comic overall. This is the pilot of The Next Chapter, which brings back the McReary-Wilson family, and introduces the brand new storyline.


Packie attends his first day of high school at Green Bay Southwest High School hoping to make new friends and have a fun year, but he is humiliated when Joel Gonzales sneaks onto campus and gets back at Packie for embarrassing him earlier in the year.

Character AppearancesEdit

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appears in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

McReary-Wilson FamilyEdit

High School GroupEdit


Locations FeaturedEdit

  • Green Bay Southwest High School
    • Mr. Johnson's Classroom
    • Nurse's Office
    • Outside tables of the Trojan Cafe
    • Trojan Gym
  • Gonzales Residence
    • Living Room
    • Joel and Jose's Bedroom


  • This is the first comic of the series to be entirely drawn with Pilot G-2 gel pens (GTA Nerd's new choice of pen), which gives the drawings a higher quality look. Earlier comics were drawn with cheaper pens, with gel pens rarely being used by GTA Nerd.
  • This comic was released exactly four years and five years after the first comic of the original series, thus giving both series the anniversary month of July.
  • The events of this comic take place on Monday, August 8, 2016.
  • This comic ends the SR franchise's longest ever hiatus, which was a year and two months since the last released comic. GTA Nerd ended up abandoning his comics around summer 2016 after falling into a long state of depression, though he has recovered and is now trying to return back to comic writing.
  • This is the first time that Adrian appears without Troy.
  • The comic is named after the old '90s Nickelodeon TV show of the same name.
    • This was also the name of the pilot comic of the cancelled The Wolves series.
  • Although there is no indication that it is him, Angel Chacon makes a non-speaking cameo at the very end of the comic, sitting next to Packie in the gym.
  • Steve Madison also makes a cameo appearance in the scene before, taking a picture of Joel dressed up as the fairy princess, and says "Aw man, this is so much funnier than the naked picture on PeachMaps!"
  • This comic starts out somewhat similar to "Hello, Wisconsin!":
    • Both comics start with the McReary family car driving, and the first character to appear is Packie, who is listening to music.
    • Packie has the first lines of the series in both comics, although they are in the form of a narration. Although in "Hello, Wisconsin!" they were in the form of thought bubbles, in this series the narration style is taken from Turner's Second Chance, where the narration is at the top of the panel, divided from the pictures with a line.
    • The first scene of both comics have the family in the car, and Maureen is once again driving.
  • During Packie's narration at the beginning of the comic, he mentions several of the adventures that him and his siblings have been on in the past four years, including "getting our Ma a new husband" and "going on a vacation to California and defeating bad guys".
  • It is revealed that following the end of "Satellite Screw-Up" in the original series, Packie had the naked picture of Joel Gonzales on PeachMaps go viral, causing everybody to see and Joel being teased for it, as revenge for Joel doing the same thing when the photo of what appeared to be Packie and Katie Torres kissing went up on PeachMaps.
    • Joel also mentions that the events of that comic took place earlier that year (2016). Of course, that would create a continuity error as in this series, the characters now match their ages as of August 2016, and in the original series they were permanently stuck at their 2013 ages; logically, the image of Joel should not even exist as he would not have attended Wisconsin Elementary School in the 2015-2016 year.
  • Salvador, his friends, Tony Gonzales, and Salvador Martinez were planned to appear in this comic, although due to the fact that the first day of high school would only be for freshmen only, they would not show up at school on this day due to them being upper classmen.
    • The comic had to be edited since Francis would not attend this day either; the original version of this comic would have him and Packie going to school together.
  • Mr. Johnson's class appears to be playing the icebreaker game Where Do You Stand? before Anthony discovers Joel's ink bomb by his foot.
  • Packie's outfit from the original series returns when Francis brings him a change of clothes after he got ink all over him.
  • This marks the third appearance of Joel's room after "The Amnesia Act of 2015" and "A Christmas Story".
  • It is unknown how Aaron, Anthony, Victor, and Francis would be able to bring Joel back into the school after leaving campus to find him at his house.
  • Before Aaron, Anthony, and Victor attack Joel in his room, Aaron pulls out his comb and then says "Boys, let's rough him up!", which is a reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?, where the leader of the Bubble Poppin' Boys says "Let's rough him up, boys!" (while running his comb through his hair) before the gang attacks SpongeBob.


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