Wayne Baker
Wayne in 2011
Full name: Wayne Baker
Also known as: Mr. Baker


Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1984 (aged 29)
Place of birth: Del Monte, San Andreas
Home: Mount Chiliad, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Main Affiliation: Angus Martin
Devils Chosen MC
Weapons: Pistol
Vehicle(s): Dark green Canis Mesa
Businesses: Narcotics Manufacturing
Narcotics Distribution
"A lot of folks 'round these parts would love to get their hands on my recipe and they ain't the kind that asks nicely. I keep my gun loaded at all times just waiting for the next attempt."
―Wayne commenting on rival meth cooks

Wayne Baker is a minor character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a supporting character in Brotherhood Rising. He is a methamphetamine dealer operating in Del Monte County and an associate of the Devils Chosen MC Los Santos chapter.

As a medium-scale meth cook he knows Trevor Philips but has opted to distance himself from the mentally unstable druglord. He states that Trevor is making life difficult for local meth cooks due to his disregard for the consequences of his actions which have brought heavy federal attention to the entire meth industry in the state.



Wayne was born in 1979 in rural Del Monte County, San Andreas. He was raised by a solo father who worked a constant string of back-to-back shifts at a local roadside bar to support him. Wayne states that he grew up in a hunting cabin in the woods near the tiny unincorporated community of Baxter. He freely admits that he didn't have much growing up and often took part in illegal hunting trips with his father in order to get food. He grew up wearing secondhand clothes and tattered shoes hinting at a childhood spent living on the verge of poverty.

The absence of his mother had a profound effect on the young Wayne. He grew up unable to trust women and as a result was unable to form healthy relationships. After repeated attempts at asking his father about what happened to his mother met with stony silence Wayne resigned himself to never knowing the truth. Wayne began experimenting with meth as a teenager and learned how to make his first batch from his father who had strayed into the drug trade to make ends meet. He praises his father for teaching him everything he knows including how to produce a particularly potent form of meth which he has named "Baker Brew". In memory of his father, who was stabbed to death in a bar fight, Wayne has continued living in the hunting cabin carrying on the tradition started by his grandfather. He is a staunch and uncompromising supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Role in Episodes from San Andreas: Brotherhood RisingEdit

In 2011, Wayne meets Angus during a resupply trip into Waylon. Angus recognizes the chemicals in his truck as the ingredients used to cook meth and approaches him with a business proposition. The ambitious Wayne expresses an eagerness to affiliate himself with the newly formed Devils Chosen MC to obtain protection from his rivals. In return for a small cut of his meth profits Wayne is promised protection on the condition that he work exclusively with the club. 

Wayne becomes a loyal business associate of the Devils Chosen MC acting as their meth supplier. In return the club swiftly and aggressively responds to any threat made against him. His meth is distributed across the greater Waylon County area by the club as Wayne forges strong friendships with the club leadership. Despite his young age Wayne quickly becomes a major meth cook and later, with the club's help, the dominant cook in Waylon County. Angus gives him a Badger cellphone to allow him to contact him and the Devils Chosen violently shutdown several other meth cooks to give Wayne an advantage. 

An enterprising meth cook Wayne uses an immobilized Zirconium Journey as his meth lab. He prefers to cook his meth alone, apart from Devils Chosen bodyguards, in order to avoid creating any witnesses who could land him in trouble with the law.


  • The image used to portray Wayne remains the sole property of Rockstar Games. It has been used for the purposes of the fan-fiction storyline to portray a supporting character.
  • His last name is somewhat humours given his role as a meth cook. A baker, like a cook, prepares food but the term is often also used to refer to a drug manufacturer.
  • Wayne is frequently seen in the company of patched members of the Devils Chosen. Armed bikers are also often seen at his hunting cabin providing protection or socializing with him. He is known to be on good terms with the club leadership and is able to call on biker back up when required. 
  • Wayne owns a Canis Mesa which he bought with his first meth profits. He is immensely proud of his vehicle and takes good care of it at all times.