Volume 1: The World of Weapons and Magic is the first volume of Blazing Bullets.


[ To be Added... ]


Centuries ago, humankind experienced a phenomenon all started by the fall of a mysterious bright object from the skies above. This object collided on our world and caused a catastrophic quake that took the lives of millions, a seemingly irrecoverable one that left a gigantic scar on the soil it landed on.

However, this object suddenly unleashed a radiating energy above, beneath and across the world... energy that would soon rise to the evolution of humanity. The object was collected by the surviving people, and with a single touch of it, empowered all living beings on the planet with incredible adaptability and new abilities that surpasses common human nature. The bright object gave humanity powers behind what they could comprehend at that time, powers that scared them but also elated them. These powers differed among people --- their were those given the ability to unleash a weapon from within them, calling themselves the Gun Blazers... and those given the ability to unleash the enigmatic force both within and around them, calling themselves the Magical Rings --- despite these differences, these people did not need to separate themselves from each other and formed a union from this, using their given abilities to take a step forward after such a horrific event. 



[ To be Added... ]

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