Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror story created by Vince and is inspired from the best 2014 indie point-and-click strategy first person survival horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's, created by Scott Cawthon.

The story takes place to where the game itself takes place, at a gritty and nearly ready to be shutdown pizzeria called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", which has been rumored to be haunted by the enigmatic ghost of five children who were said to have been murdered within the pizzeria back in the year 1987.

Synopsis Edit

"In the year 1999, a man named Mike Schmidt applies for a job as a Night Guard in a pizzeria called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", an old pizza restaurant who's reputation in the past as being the most loved and respected restaurant in its time has been tainted by an unsolved mystery from the year 1987; where five children were said to have been murdered on the night of a birthday party in the same restaurant. Not just that, another case called "The Bite of '87" is also one of the ones responsible for causing the restaurant its reputation to the public, a case in which someone's frontal lobe was bitten off by one of the animatronics who was presumed to have malfunctioned for some strange reason. Now, at day all is well for everyone, but nobody is here at night... Freddy Fazbear and his gang; Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate Fox and Bonnie the Bunny have a secret they hide from everyone, everyone BUT Mike. A supposed easy-going job turns into a life threatening situation, as Mike must now survive his first week against the four animatronics within a pizzeria that has a very tarnished background."

Story Edit

The following story is not in Chronological Order, so please take caution in reading. Thank you!

November 4, 1999Edit
5:13 AMEdit

A man in a security guard uniform is recording his message on a phone within his office inside a pizzeria called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". The main is working as a night guard and is in deep frantic state as he makes his recorded message. As he makes his call, someone or something starts to bang on the left of his door in his Office. He continues to his recorded phone call while the thing that is banging on his left door starts to become more aggressive and louder. A chime then plays while he is making his call, he then tells whoever may find his recorded message to check the back room after his shift, then moaning is heard, as the man says "oh no-" until five shadowy figures surround him, and a loud screech is heard as he screams.

October 30, 1999Edit
12:02 PMEdit

In an apartment building, a man named Mike Schmidt has just gotten home after unsuccessfully trying to find a new job. A thing he has been doing for a few months. Mike prepares what seems to be a can of beans for his lunch. He gets a newspaper just outisde his apartment's door and takes it in and places it on the table as he finishes cooking his beans.

As Mike reads the newspaper, he moves onto the Ads and finds an open position to a place called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", the position is being the restaurant's new night guard. Mike encircles the wanted ad, writes down the address, takes the newspaper and leaves his apartment in a hurry to apply.

(2 hours later)

Mike reaches the Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria, and once he enters, finds the place to be a bit old and seemingly cluttered, but even so, Mike then tries to contact the owner. The owner interviews him and approves his application. The owner then tells Mike that, in November 8 he will start his first night as the pizzeria's new night guard as 'somebody else' is about to finish their's. Mike is content with his new job and finds it easy, Mike then takes a look at the animatronic stars and leaves, just as he leaves, one of the animatronics, the main star, Freddy Fazbear, eerily turns his eyes to where Mike left.

November 1, 1999Edit
10:30 PMEdit

Mike visits the Fazbear pizzeria to take another quick look at what is soon to be his new workplace in less than a week. As Mike looks around, he bumps into his co-worker. As Mike introduces himself, the person he meets introduces himself as well, but not by name. When Mike asks him what it is like working in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the man tells him that, everything is okay... slightly. Mike then leaves, the person is then informed by the owner that Mike will be the one to take his place next week, concerned with a few "problems" he has encountered throughout his time in the pizzeria, the man then takes his shift and records a message for Mike through a phone in the Office, secretly trying not to let the Company find out.

As he records, he then hears what seems to movement on the Show Stage where the animatronics are, and decides to leave Mike a few more messages each day on his last week.

November 8, 1999Edit
11:00 PMEdit

Mike wakes up, as he is now ready to head over and start his new career. He eats his dinner, bathes, dresses up and drives off to his new job at as a night a guard.

All the while feeling sure of himself that his job will be easy as he drives.

Meanwhile, within the main the Fazbear Company headquarters, the Company is about ready to close the curtains on all of their branches if they do not make the deadline for all of their profits to hit the expected due. The Manager is informed by a worker that, one of their workers at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was just recently found within a Chica suit, who is now dead. The Manager then tells them to keep his death a secret, as what they do with the others who have died recently after certain "issues" with the animatronics within the Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria. The worker then asks if they should inform the new night guard about this, to which the Manager denies, telling him that the truth behind the Fazbear's history must remain a secret from the public.

Meanwhile, Mike arrives at the pizzeria and enters it and goes to his Office as his first night begins.

Night 1Edit
12:00 AMEdit

Mike begins his shift as the new night guard in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. As he gets comfortable with his new job, the phone in his Office starts to ring. Mike, at first, doesn't feel like answering it, as he thinks that it could someone trying to order a Pizza after hours, as he was informed earlier that these type of things tend to happen from time to time, and he ignores it. The Phone continues to ring, to which annoys Mike, forcing him to answer it. As he answers, the co-worker he met a week ago speaks to him through a recorded message he left on the phone specifically for Mike.


Night 1 Phone Call

As Mike puts the phone down, he is at first confused at what his former co-worker just said, until he checks the cameras to find that Bonnie is missing. Mike then hurriedly tries to find Bonnie while trying not to consume too much of the pizzerias power. He then finds Bonnie standing around the backroom, just staring at the camera. This creeps out Mike, but then lowers his monitor and thinks about his new job. He reluctantly decides to get through his first week for his one week pay and leave if he can, not wanting to spend his time here for nothing. 

As soon as Mike checks the cameras again, he finds Bonnie has moved to the Kitchen. He goes over to the left door and sees that he slowly making his way to his Office. Mike begins to get a bit scared, but tries not to panic. As he checks the cameras again, he sees that, luckily, Chica and Freddy have not moved yet. He checks on Bonnie again and sees that he is now in the West Hall. Mike then closes the door and checks the power of the pizzeria. It is at 97%, which relieves Mike a bit.

About an hour later, Mike is still checking the cameras, Chica and Freddy have not yet moved, Bonnie is still in the West Hall Corner and the power is at 85%. Mike then checks Pirate Cove, luckily the animatronic in it has yet displayed any form of moving out of its place.

Mike once again checks the West Hall Corner and finds that Bonnie is gone. He turns the West Hall Light on and sees that he is not there, he then checks the cameras and fortunately finds that Bonnie has returned to his position on the Show Stage. He then reopens the West Hall Door. Twenty minutes later, Mike is still watching the animatronics and checks the power meter and finds that it is at 79%. Mike then tells himself that he only has four more hours to go until his shift ends. He checks the cameras again and finds that Chica is gone. He checks the cameras and finds her already at the East Hall. He then hurriedly shuts the West Hall Door. He sits down and checks that the power is at 76%.

Two hours later, Bonnie is now gone, but Chica has returned to her position. It is already 4:00 AM and Mike is trying not to let any of them out of his sight. He finds Bonnie in the West Hall and shuts the door on him.

Mike checks the power and sees that it is at 61%. As he returns to check the cameras, he sees that Bonnie is looking at the West Hall window at him. This creepts Mike a bit and shuts the shutters on him. Mike then sits on his chair again and continues his watch.

An hour later, Bonnie has returned to his position and Chica not moved again. Luckily, Freddy did not leave his spot. Mike is then curious of the other animatronic behind the curtains of Pirate Cove, but then shrugs it off. Mike then checks that the power is at 54% and says that he needs to be careful when consuming the power once it hits 50%. Mike then checks the cameras and sees that Bonnie and Chica have not yet moved again. He then checks the East Hall Corner and finds a note on it and reads it. Mike is surprised at what he just found written on the note, and thinks that the animatronics may have been the suspects to the missing children. He gets distracted but remembers to check the cameras and finds both Bonnie and Chica missing. He then checks the Hall Lights and finds both of them are in the Halls already. He then frantically closes both doors as fast as he can. Mike then tells himself to not get too distracted again. He then sees that the power is at 52%.

He then sits on his chair and thinks. As he does he checks the cameras and is shocked to see that Freddy is looking at the camera at him. This scares him a bit and he changes the camera to Pirate Cove only to find that the animatronic in it, Foxy, is also looking at the camera. He then begins to get a bit scared. When he checks the East Hall Light, Chica is looking straight at him. When he closes the shutters on her. He then hears Bonnie moaning from the West Hall Corner. Mike then begins to cower a bit, with the thought that he has entered into a horror show and will probably end up dying, becoming a bit paranoid at the same time.

Luckily the clock hits 6:00 AM and the pizzeria's "Open" alarm sounds, which then forces Chica and Bonnie to return to their position on the Show Stage. Mike is scared at opening the doors until the manager arrives and asks him if he is okay. He then says that he'll only be working for them for four more days and he then leaves a bit angry and shaken. The Manager is confused. Mike then leaves the pizzeria and dirves back home. The Manager then opens the restaurant, and the daytime security guard enters the pizzeria and asks his boss if there is anything wrong. The Manager then says that everything is okay but gives a look to where Mike drove off.

(An hour later)

Mike arrives at his home and is in constant regret at to what kind of job he just applied for. But still regaining optimism that he will try his best to finish his first week and get his pay, Mike tries to forget the horrific experience and prepares to sleep.

(13 hours later)

Later that night, Mike wakes up, eats his dinner, takes a shower, dresses up and before he leaves, he remembers what the note on the East Hall Corner said. Thinking that something supernatural could be happening to the restaurant, Mike gets a new reason to come back to the pizzeria.

(An hour later)

The Manager is just about ready to close the pizzeria when Mike arrives, demanding that he'd only for them for one week, will receive his pay by Friday and will then resign afterwards. The Manager asks why, but Mike does not answer him and instead just wants him to agree on his terms. The Manager agrees and hands him the keys to the pizzeria. The Manager then tells him to keep an eye on the place for tonight and be on his guard, as if warning him not to let his guard down.

Mike then enters the pizzeria and his second night begins.

Night 2Edit
12:00 AMEdit

Mike enters his Office, sits on his chair and has a thought first. Checking the East Hall Corner, Mike reads the newspaper clippings on the wall and finds out that at least five children were murdered within the pizzeria back in the year 1987, during a birthday party, which was reported to be the last known schedule of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza before renovating and having its reputation plummet.

Suddenly, the phone in Mike's office begins to ring and he answers it. The man before him is heard once again.


Night 2 Phone Call

As Mike lowers the phone, he checks the cameras quickly only to find out that Bonnie and Chica are already missing. He then looks at the kitchen and finds Chica trying to make her way through the kitchen, but as he tries to find Bonnie, he notices a moaning noise and peeks outside to find him just outside. He then closes the doors in a hurry. He attends the cameras again and notices tha Chica is missing and finds her in the kitcher, bumping into the tables and chairs as she tries to make her way to the Restrooms. Mike then looks over at Pirate Cove and hears Foxy humming his tune while behind the curtains, strangely, Mike slightly enjoys hearing his tunes.

Afterwards, Bonnie sneakingly lurks over to the East Hall Side while a distracted Mike hums along Foxy's tune.

Quickly remembering what he's doing, Mike then checks the camera and finds Bonnie making his way to the East Door and he closes it immediately, feeling relieved and tells himself to stay focus.

(1 hour and 30 minutes later)

The power is at 75%, Bonnie and Chica are still prowling the pizzeria. Mike then checks over Pirate Cove. Foxy has not yet revealed himself, to Mike's relief. Bonnie then accidentally falls over one of the tables in the Backroom, causing him to accidentally remove his eyes while Chica roams around the Kitchen, where the cameras cannot view anyone or anything, except the noise. When Mike looks over at Bonnie again, he is quickly shocked to see him and terrified. Bonnie is now looking straight into the camera with his face up close with his endoskeleton eyes showing.

More of the Story will be Added!


The Protagonists:

1. Mike Schmidt
- The protagonist of the story. He is the newly hired night guard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and must go through his first week within the restaurant in order to get his first week's pay. Mike is a bit unorganized (as shown in his office as he does not even try to clean up or even organize his things), but he is competent enough to survive against the four animatronics that roam the pizzeria at night. Mike is very brave, enough for him to even stay a full week within the Freddy Fazbear restaurant for a whole week even though the biggest chances of imment death is at his neck each night, although this could just be because he wanted the pay. As he progresses through his first week, Mike is revealed to be somewhat paranoid in the most horrifying places and events, likely due to the threat Freddy and his gang gives him and mostly through the hectic atmosphere that surrounds him each night as the animatronics get even more aggressive in their goal to forcefully stuff him inside a spare Freddy Fazbear suit. The thought of this maybe the reason to Mike's occassional hallucinations of the animatronics and the pizzeria, as he is possibly scared for his own life, knowing that if he fails even a little bit to hold off any or all of the animatronics, he would certainly die at their hands. After his week within the pizzeria, having been both paid (as well as overtime) and fired, he would later hold a private investigation about the pizzeria, having grown curious and drawn to its origins and how the terror all started.
2. Phone Guy
- A fellow co-worker of Mike's, his ally and one of the people within the Fazbear franchise to know of the dangers the Animatronics possess against any night guard in the restaurant. His name is fully revealed, but he encourages Mike to just call him "Phone Guy", as he does not want to give even the slighest amounts of his own privacy to anyone, even Mike, even though the latter is almost close to danger at times. He helps out Mike by giving him a few tips and teaches him about what to do and what not to do in the restuarant after hours, although not directly, but through his recorded phone messages he leaves to Mike after his shift has ended. Phone Guy is somewhat nonchalant, and there is no absolute explanation as to why. He mostly informs Mike that there is nothing to worry about on his new job, even though the chances of imminent death is already and always present to both of them. Through this, it could be implied that he maybe lying to his other co-workers about the dangers they are in every night, is just obligated to do so, or just trying to make them feel better and to keep them positive against the animatronics on their own nights, as to not make them even more frantic when the animatronics begin their prowl. He seems to be hesitant and awkward at times, often stuttering and nervously laughing. This could imply that he is possibly worried about the possibility of someone else hearing his advice about the animatronics, mostly against them. Though he could just be anxious and on edge because of the imminent chance of death at their hands when the animatronics begin to wander the pizzeria. He dies during Mike's 4th Night at the Pizzeria, either by one or all of the Animatronics at once, as each of the animatronic's 'unique' sounds are heard within his last message to Mike, possibly meaning that, Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Bonnie had all gotten together to take him down and kill him, probably indicating that the four animatronics knew of his knowledge against them and used it to their advantage to get him off guard and finally ended his stay in the restaurant. His remains (mostly his eyeballs, teeth and tattered and rotting corpse) were found inside a Chica suit and was later secretly buried by the Company to avoid further discrimination and bad reception towards their now decreasing reputation and financial problems.
3. Jeremy Fitzgerald
- A former night guard within Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria back in the year 1987. Though he does not appear in person, during Mike's 6th Night in the restaurant, he finds an old recorded message from Jeremy hiding secretly inside the chair he uses. Through Jeremy, Mike later finds out that, the animatronics are indeed haunted by the ghost of the children that were killed on the original restaurant's final scheduled event; the birthday. He also informs Mike that, he should watch out for the last ghost, as he has only faced the four main animatronics, and to be extremely cautious and careful when viewing the monitors, as the may find the last remaining animatronic and accidentally trigger their much more aggressive side through the last animatronic. Before the start of Mike's last night, he listens to his final words and reveals that 'no matter what Mike does, the animatronics will never back down' as the spirits within them must rest peacefully and get revenge on whoever took away their entire innocent life when they were still kids. Jeremy also tells Mike another shocking revelation; a former night guard was the murderer. This could be why the animatronics hold a strong sense of aggression towards any night guard present in the restaurant. Before finally ending his message, he tells Mike of the other animatronics that were scrapped out in favor of the originals, and another one that was kept within a secret room inside the pizzeria that the animatronics are not programmed to find or even allowed to enter. Jeremy's knowledge regarding the animatronics, as well as the revelation of others as well, could mean that he may have faced more than just Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and Foxy during his time as the Fazbear franchise's night guard. He also knows about Phone Guy, as the two of them used to be co-workers as well. It is unknown whether Jeremy is still living or not.

The Antagonists/Animatronics:

1. Freddy Fazbear
- The titular character of the Fazbear franchise and the main antagonist along his fellow bandmates. Freddy Fazbear is an animal animatronics resembling that of a brown bear, while wearing a top hat and sporting a black tie on his neck.
2. Chica the Chicken
- A yellow animatronic chicken. Chica is the only female member of the Fazbear frachise's beloved animatronic band. She sings a long Freddy to satisfy and make the children happy, until her voicebox malfunctioned and prevented her from singing along Bonnie. She has been quiet ever since. Many have always speculated her to be a duck numerous times, but with many pointing that she is in fact a chicken, which is true.
3. Bonnie the Bunny
- An electric guitar playing purple animatronic bunny. Bonnie is the main guitarist among his fellow bandmates within the Fazbear franchise. Many have easily mistaken him for a boy, and through that, the company gave him a red tie on his neck to avoid any gender confusion. He has a very raspy voicebox which has made him unable to sing a long Freddy, along Chica, a thing that he used to do.
4. Foxy the Pirate Fox
- A pirate-themed animatronic fox. Foxy used to be the most beloved member of the Fazbear franchise, until a few malfunctions in his mechanics came and made him slightly dangerous. He has been in neglect within the restaurant ever since 1987. Up until now, his state of disrepair has made him be shunned by the public, as his station in Pirate Cove has been 'shut down' until the company could get enough funding to fix the once favored Pirate Fox.
5. Golden Freddy
- A ghostly entity of the original hybrid Freddy Fazbear suit that was allegedly said to have been worn by the murderer of the five children.


  • The story is inspired from the game Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • In the game, Jeremy does not make any actual appearance nor is he mentioned in-game. The reason for his involvement in this story is for story purposes and to further delve deep onto the series' dark story.
  • Phone Guy's remains were never explicitly seen or mentioned in the game, the reason for this being done in this story is for story purposes only.
  • The audio files for each night were taken from the official Five Nights at Freddy's WikiAll credits are to be pointed to them for making the files available and respect to the users for working hard in the wiki's premise.
  • It is unknown as to what kind of fate befell Mike after he got fired. His fate in this story is customary and is for story purposes only.
  • Despite this being fanmade, there is the slighest chance that this story could be canon to the actual FNaF series.

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