This page contains all of the stories that Vince has created so far. Feel free to go to this page to find the story that Vince has made that you are interested in and leave a comment in either this page or on either of the story pages below.

See you later, y'all!

Note from: ''Well... this page exists now... so just get used to it. Please~~


  • A story with a * is a story that is currently on hold
  • A story with a ^ is a story that is currently ongoing
  • A story with a ~ is an upcoming story 
  • A story with a strike font type is a story that has been dropped

Original StoriesEdit

This one just shows you the many stories I've created on my own with original ideas and characters.

Fanfic StoriesEdit

This one is about the stories I made that are based off of and/or are inspired from any series that I like or know or both. Yeah.


  • Images inserted in each Date A Live related articles all belong to licensor Fujimi Shobo and the Date A Live series creator, and light novel author, Koushi Tachibana.

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