"Aaron: That's Victor Clay, the running back. He's a good guy. Real fun and energetic.
Victor: YEAH!! What's up, Packie?
―Aaron Velazco introducing Victor

Victor Clay is one of the supporting protagonists of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter.

He is a freshman in the 2016-2017 year at Green Bay Southwest High School, and the tight end on the freshman football team. He appears to be very adventurous and energetic, and is considered to be the wreckless one in the group that loves to take risks. He has many crazy ideas and sometimes gets the gang into some crazy situations.

Life Prior To TNCEdit

Victor was born to a chef (mother) and a then-military drill sergeant (father), and also has a seven year older brother. As a child, he was very shy, but his father convinced him to come out of his shell by enrolling him in "manly activities" including sports, doing the same for his brother as well who wanted to join the military. Victor eventually did lose his shyness and became very energetic person, not letting anything get him down. His older brother eventually did join the military after graduating high school, but Victor chose football as a career choice.

In middle school, Victor met Aaron Velazco, and they formed a friendship over their passion for football. They later befriended Anthony DeoBer after seeing that he was pretty lonely. All three boys formed a brotherhood and played football together. During football camp in summer 2016, they later met and befriended Adrian Wilson as well.


Victor wears a striped vest shirt, and basic shoes and pants. He has long hair that sort of curves up at both ends.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries Main Series


Sibling Rivalries The Next Chapter

He will appear in every comic of the series.

Class Schedule (TNC)Edit

Homeroom (Mr. Johnson)

  1. Honors English I (Unknown as of now)
  2. Sports Medicine I (Unknown as of now)
  3. Speech and Debate I (Unknown as of now)
  4. Algebra I (Mr. Eaton)
  5. Biology (Mr. Howell)
  6. Physical Education (Unknown as of now)


  • He is similar to Jordan Haines from Turner's Second Chance.
  • Victor was originally described as a troublemaker, although he was later changed to a friendly yet crazy character. However, in several comics he does get the gang into some bad scenarios (such as a comic where he encourages the gang to ditch school and see a new movie).


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