Vector Networks
Vector Networks logo

Corporate logo circa 2007

Name: Vector Networks
Type: Television Network
Founded: 1991 (as Dunne Broadcasting)

2007 (as Vector Networks)

Owner: Robert Dunne
Locations: San Fierro, San Andreas

Vector Networks is an American entertainment and multimedia company headquartered in 24 Lexington Plaza in San Fierro, It owns the cable and satellite television channels Zephyr, Spree and Spree Jr. as well as the film studio Vector Studios.

According to its official website, Vector Networks was launched in 1991 as Dunne Broadcasting. In its early days it existed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dunne Multimedia Corporation. But as it grew it outpaced its parent company eventually becoming a separate and distinct corporate entity in 2002. It would eventually go on to absorb its former parent company in a high-level corporate merger that created Vector Networks as it exists today.

The company was formed by former game show host and media mogul Robert Dunne who left his lucrative position with a larger agency to strike out on his own. Vector Networks was originally confined to San Andreas but now broadcasts on a national level.



International Edit

Television Shows Edit

Vector Networks has followed the modern trend of television networks owning the shows they broadcast rather than just broadcasting them. As such Vector Networks owns the rights to several of its shows.

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