The Vancouver Football Field is, as the name implies, a football field which is in Vancouver, Canada. It is the main setting of Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, and also makes a minor appearence in the sequel Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, as well as Sibling Rivalries: The Introduction.

The football field is located in an unknown part of Vancouver, right next to the Vancouver Soccer Field. The field belongs to the local football team Vancouver Vultures. Jason Parker, Drake Romero, Gerald McReary, and Joel Gonzales come here everyday to wind down and play some football when not in pratice or an actual game. The field is a basic, everyday football field, with numbers on the ground to measure yards, bleachers, and goal posts on each end of the field.

Two years after the events of Vancouver Stories​, Jason and Drake (now 13 years old) still come here and play around. After getting news from the team captain Esteven Caballero about the new season across the country of Canada, the two say goodbye to the football field, as it would be a while before they arrive back home in Vancouver.


  • The football field is notable for being the first place seen chronologically in the Sibling Rivalries franchise.
  • The Vancouver Football Field is similar to the football field behind Scott Parry's house in the novel Two-Minute Drill, which SR: VS is inspired by.

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