Untold Stories: Paleto Bay (Series run: December 2016 - Present) is a Grand Theft Auto mini-series written by Enigma24. As suggested by its name, the series focuses on the town of Paleto Bay telling the stories of a number of ordinary "Average Joe" locals. It is the first installment in the Untold Stories franchise and uses a series of "snap shot" episodes to tell the stories of selected individuals. It offers a glimpse into the lives of the locals detailing their struggles, triumphs and individual experiences in the harsh world that is Grand Theft Auto.

Set in 2013 it focuses on the non-player characters encountered in Grand Theft Auto V detailing their stories rather than the major protagonists of the GTA series. Individuals featured come from all walks of life including law-abiding residents, small-time criminals, businessmen and even law enforcement personnel. The series is a mixture of action, drama and crime with moments of comedy. At times the Grand Theft Auto V protagonists may make brief cameo appearances in very minor roles.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

  1. "Paleto Ranger"
  2. "Native Son" (planned)

Trivia Edit

  • Untold Stories: Paleto Bay is a Grand Theft Auto companion series intended to expand upon the world of Grand Theft Auto. It follows a collection of ordinary residents adding depth to the series as well as several new locations. The individuals featured are never major criminal individuals in an effort of focusing on the ordinary people that live in the Grand Theft Auto world.

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