The University of New Langdon (UNL) is a university located in the state of New Langdon. It has two campuses operating under the university name; a parent campus in the town of Whittemore (UNLW) and a satellite campus in the city of Hayward (UNLH). The university also operates a School of Law in the state capital of Penacook and a School of Medicine in the town of Trescott. It is loosely based on the University of New Hampshire with its campuses reflecting the Durham and Manchester branches respectively.

Overview Edit

Founded in 1866 as the New Langdon College of Farming the university was originally based in the town of Thetford. However, in 1892 it was relocated to Bullworth and given its current name following a state government decision. It operates a large campus in northern Bullworth which can be found on Pierce Avenue incorporating student housing and academic buildings. In addition to its parent campus the university also operates a smaller campus on Franklin Boulevard in Everett and an annex in the state capitol of Penacook.

It hosts a total of roughly fourteen thousand students housed in a combination of fraternity houses and boarding houses at its two main campuses. In addition to its student housing and teaching buildings the university also operates a number of libraries, research labs and sports facilities for its students. It maintains a private security force to ensure the safety of all staff and students while they are on-campus.

Athletics Edit

The university hosts an extensive sports programme with a wide array of sports on offer for its male and female students. It maintains sports teams in basketball, cross country, track and field, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, and women's ice hockey. The official university football team are the UNL Cougars who wear the university's official colours of blue and white. It offers sports scholarships for talented footballers providing university education in return for selected students playing for the Cougars.

The football team regularly competes in the Pierce Bowl against visiting university football teams from across the northeastern United States. The university also competes in the Northeastern Division Ice Hockey tournament in men's and women's ice hockey against teams from the northeastern United States.

In addition to the sports offered in its official sports programme the university also offers a number of club sports including baseball, tennis, dance, cycling, fencing, figure skating, ultimate frisbee, rugby, archery, golf, lacrosse, sailing and wrestling. Many of these clubs compete against other clubs on an intercollegiate and national level.

Major Fraternities and Sororities Edit

Sigma Iota Kappa Edit

Sigma Iota Kappa is the oldest fraternity at the University of New Langdon and the current head of the Greek Council. It has chapters at both campuses and is involved in a long standing rivalry with Kappa Omega Phi. Members of the fraternity often carry out house raids and pranks against their rivals with mischievous enjoyment. Sigma Iota Kappa operates a parent chapter at the Bullworth campus and a newly sanctioned chapter at the Everett campus. It accepts members from any subject and is known for its relentless hazing of pledges. Fraternity brothers are heavily involved in campus sporting and social events maintaining a strong presence at any major university event. In order to join a pledge is expected to have a good social standing at the university and an unquestionable commitment to the fraternity and its members.

Kappa Omega Phi Edit

Kappa Omega Phi is the second oldest fraternity at the University of New Langdon and a long-time rival of the dominant Sigma Iota Kappa. Like its rival Kappa Omega Phi has chapters at both campus and regularly takes part in campus events. It is also known for relentlessly hazing pledges viewing the practice as a rite of passage for all aspiring members. The fraternity is a constant rival of Sigma Iota Kappa in all fields and regularly takes part in pranks and house raids targeted at its rival. On several occasions it has challenged Sigma Iota Kappa's position as head of the Greek Council suggesting that the time has come for a new head. It accepts members from any subject but is noted to have a keen interest in business, management and arts students. It eagerly takes part in inter-fraternity sporting and social events.

Lambda Theta NuEdit

Lambda Theta Nu is one of the newest fraternities at the University of New Langdon. As such it has not yet been granted a place on the Greek Council and operates a single chapter at the Whittemore campus. It is frequently mocked by both Sigma Iota Kappa and Kappa Omega Phi who regularly take part in prank raids against it. The fraternity maintains a very small presence at sporting and social events being largely overshadowed by the two dominant fraternities. Instead, it has devoted most of its efforts into building up its academic reputation in order to raise its profile. Due to this focus it often favours pledges from subjects considered to be academic and intellectual preferring brains over brawn. It's main claims to fan include winning the 1995 University Chess Tournament and the 2009 Academia Championship which has given it a reputation as a "nerd fraternity".

Zeta Psi Edit

Zeta Psi is the dominant sorority at the University of New Langdon and the current co-head of the Greek Council alongside Sigma Iota Kappa. It has a reputation for being extremely selective in its membership favouring wealthy or popular girls as sorority sisters. Although it accepts members from any subject this attitude has given it a reputation of social elitism. Zeta Psi is highly active at all social and sporting events on campus maintaining a strong presence at all such events. It has chapters at both campuses and a strong presence in the social world of the university with many of its members dating fraternity brothers from Sigma Iota Kappa or Kappa Omega Phi. It is heavily involved in all stereotypical sorority events such as organizing balls, cheer squad events and social evenings on a university-wide level

Theta MuEdit

Theta Mu is a major sorority at the University of Langdon with chapters at both campuses. It is a bitter rival of Zeta Psi with whom it competes in all social and academic matters. While it is known to be less exclusive Theta Mu still enforces a strict selection process to ensure that all potential sisters have the "Theta Mu spirit". It does not favour any one subject instead selecting pledges who show a particular drive and ambition. Theta Mu does accept female students who have been rejected by Zeta Psi but will give priority to new students who meet its membership requirements. The sorority is highly active at all sporting and social events with a constant presence alongside its rival. Many of its members are known to date fraternity brothers Kappa Omega Phi and Sigma Iota Kappa. However, it entirely shuns fraternity brothers from the recently formed Lambda Theta Nu fraternity.

Notable Alumni Edit

  • Richard Whyte graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theater in 2012. (Sigma Iota Kappa)
  • James Stein graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies in 1997. (Kappa Omega Phi)
  • Zoe Hopkins graduated with a Master's degree in Nursing in 1997. (Zeta Psi)
  • Beatrice Trudeau graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science and a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2002. (Theta Mu)

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