United States of America National Anthem (Instrumental)01:19

United States of America National Anthem (Instrumental)

The United States of America, more commonly known as America, is a large country in North America. It is a very prominent nation in international affairs on a global level with a massive diplomatic influence touching every country in the world. For this reason it is very widely regarded as the leader of the democratic free world with many other nations following its advice. America's capital city is Washington D.C and the country is made up of a total of fifty states one of which is connected to Canada (Alaska) and another in the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii). In addition to its official states America also controls multiple overseas territories and incorporated areas such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Due to its immense diplomatic influence the United States has allies as remote as the Middle East (Israel) and Oceania (New Zealand and Australia). 

For the content on this wiki, the United States is the setting of Cletus ComicsSibling Rivalries (except for the two prequels, which are instead set in Canada), and the Grand Theft Auto series (except the London packs, which are instead set in the United Kingdom).

Notable Main SettingsEdit

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