Union Developments
Union Developments
Name: Union Developments
Type: Land Developer
Appearance(s): Brotherhood Rising
Paleto Ranger
Locations: San Fierro
"San Fierro-based land developer that specializes in residential and commercial developments. A new player in the market with strong investment opportunities."
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Union Developments is a land development firm seen in the GTA Expanded Universe. It operates a corporate head office in San Fierro and site offices at its sites across San Andreas.

It also operates as a real estate developer with a habit of buying large sections of land which it then develops with local construction and utility firms. Its main rival is the Los Santos-based STD Contractors.

Description Edit

Union Developments has three developments in Blaine County: the Alamo Acres Development in Grapeseed, the Sonora Estates Development in Harmony and the the Chiliad Park Development in Paleto Bay. All three are residential neighbourhood developments intended to create affordable housing in communities where proper housing is a pressing need. Each development site is planned as a mixture of low-income and middle-income housing to create homes for the blue collar workers and families who fuel the American economy.

A highly ambitious corporation Union Developments routinely surveys land for further projects. It is known to use strong-arm tactics and blatant buyouts to acquire the land it needs for its residential development projects. The corporation is also known to be expanding into commercial land and real estate development to supplement its existing operations. It employs Gruppe Sechs to provide a range of security services for its development sites and corporate head office.

List of development projects Edit

Residential Edit

Commercial Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The company's name is a double reference. It refers to the trade unions that exist to protect the rights of workers and to the Union Army during the American Civil War.

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