This is the ultimate list of all species that have ever walked at least one page in Dimitri's Random Wiki.

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The Real SthomasEdit

Brown Plumed PenguinEdit

Behavior: Friendly

Lifespace: Water and Land

Appearance: Very Rare

The Brown Plumed Penguin is a very popular creature among tourists, but little remain alive due to over-hunting. Less than a million Blown Plumed Penguins exist today. The Penguins are very friendly and, if intelligent enough, will even engage in some sort of game with an approaching human. However, when they are provoked, these Penguins can be very aggressive and preform a deadly tackle. It prefers scavenging for food rather than to hunt its own, not wanting to hurt another species without provocation. They are protected under law and to keep one or more in a zoo is illegal.

The Fan of WikiEdit


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Quelasi Edit

Behavior: Hostile

Lifespace: Volcanic Mountainous

Appearance: Common

The Quelasi are a highly advanced humanoid alien race featured in the sci-fi drama Orion. They are the dominant race in the Arcadius Galaxy and maintain an aggressive imperialist control over most of the solar systems in the galaxy. Originally from the volcanic world of Quelas in the galactic core they now reside on over fifteen worlds and maintain a violent control over countless others. As a species they stand at an impressive height of eight feet with a slender form that hides a fearsome strength. In terms of physical appearance they share the same overall body shape of humans but have dark grey skin and have horizontal eyes with horizontal eyelids. Their eyes feature a dark green sclera with a yellow goat-like pupil and are capable of standard vision, night vision and thermal vision.

Quelasi adhere to a warrior society with a class based structure that views non-Quelasi as inferior and suitable only for servitude. Their life history on their volcanic homeworld has shaped them into a very hard species with a natural immunity to all types of heat and smoke. They are capable of surviving falls from great heights and benefit from rapid healing. Quelasi speak a language that has surprising similarities to Chinese albeit more intricate and linguistically diverse. Their warrior-centred culture has shaped them into the most highly skilled and fearsome warriors in the entire galaxy. Their reverence of the warrior culture, sense of personal honour and class-based society bears resembles to ancient Japanese Samurai culture.

When encountering new species the Quelasi adopt a hostile approach subduing and enslaving any species they came across. They are known to deploy warrior strike teams in groups of eight led by a veteran warrior known as a Lachto. Quelasi employ neural slave collars to turn conquered species into obedient mind-controlled slaves. Their warships and battle fleets are the most advanced and powerful in the Arcadius Galaxy capable of obliterating any rival force.

GTA NerdEdit

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