Ui, as she appears in the manga.

Ui Hirasawa is the younger sister of Yui Hirasawa.


Ui is basically the same in appearance to her older sister Yui, with one of the distinguishable difference between her and her sister is that she keeps her hair in a small pony tail. She is also, however, slightly smaller in height compared to her older sister.

When her hair is down, Ui becomes an identical version of her older sister despite her being a year younger than her. This makes it impossible to tell who is who if ever this happens, however, the only way to tell them apart is how they behave and a couple of distinguishable differences between the sisters, such as the fact that Ui's breasts are bigger than Yui's.


Ui is very responsible and mature, moreso than her older sister, Yui, despite being a year younger than her. She does most of the housework whenever their parents are not around, something she actually took upon herself voluntarily.

She is more skilled and knowledgeable than her older sister, but she has a great deal of love and respect for her sister, always taking good care of her, extending to the point where she will do so at the risk of her own health. One of the things she shares with Yui is the fact that she can learn things pretty easily, but unlike Yui she never forgets anything else she had learned. An example is her talent of playing a guitar, something which she became capable of playing all in just a day compared to her sister who took at least three days.


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