"The emotional story of how a poor teenage boy from the ghetto managed to support his family in the bustling city of San Francisco."
―Comic's cover

Turner's Second Chance is a standalone comic in the T.J. Productions Comic Universe that was put into production as early as April 2016, and is still being written over a year later, with an estimated release date of July or August 2017. It has become unique for not belonging to any particular franchise in the T.J. Productions Comic Universe, although it came together with its prequel San Francisco Underground to form the unofficial "San Francisco Dualogy".

TSC takes place following the events of the "Straight Outta Green Bay" special in Season 5, and is set in the spring season of 2016, spanning the months of February, March, April, and May. The main events of TSC occur several months before the events of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter.

Work on TSC is running over a year behind schedule and the story will hopefully be released in the winter season of 2017 or early 2018.


TSC follows 15 year-old protagonist Christopher "Chris" Turner and his complicated life. He grew up around the ghetto areas of Compton and would often get into fights with the delinquent teenagers in the area as a kid. This, combined with Chris constantly being abused by his alcoholic father almost every day, left him with an upset look on life.

Recently, Chris's parents have gone to court. The mother (Tonya Brooks) won, and the father (David Turner) was taken to jail for violence. Chris, along with his two little brothers (Freddie and Andy Turner) and Tonya, moved to San Francisco to start a new life. They are supported by Tonya's older sister Amanda and her boyfriend Nathan. The Turners move into a small, dirty apartment in downtown San Francisco. Being upset by this living arrangement, Chris decides to set out and make money for him and his family, aided by his cousin and best friend Hunter Prince (Amanda and Nathan's son).

The cousins start off working as paperboys for the run-down Duran Print Works company, although Chris begins to branch out to the people of San Francisco and does other favors for people to make money. When Chris and Hunter are suddenly fired from the print works by the boss's son Tristian Duran, they begin their real journey to make a living in the city, while trying to avoid Tristian and his henchman, his half-brothers the Chavez brothers.


Central CharactersEdit

  • Christopher "Chris" Turner, the protagonist of the story, whose perspective the readers see the story from. As mentioned, he has had a rough childhood, being bullied by delinquents and abused by his father. After moving to San Francisco, he plans to start new and have a better life.
  • Hunter Prince, the deuteragonist of the story. He is the older cousin of Chris by two years (which would make him 17). Like Chris, Hunter has grew up pretty poor, but has not suffered a harsh childhood like his cousin did. Hunter proves to be Chris's only real friend, and the only person that he truly trusts.
  • Tonya Brooks (formerly Tonya Turner), the mother of Chris and his brothers, and one of the two tritagonists. Because she has lost her legs a long time ago from an unknown cause, she is restricted to getting around in a wheelchair. Due to his mother's handicap, Chris is put in charge of running things in the family.
  • Jordan Haines, one of the two tritagonists, and Hunter and Chris's closest friends. He loves working out and is a very positive and friendly person. He also has many connections to people in the city, and he helps Chris out by having him go see people, who offer him odd jobs for money.
  • Tristian A. Duran, the main antagonist of the story. He used to be one of Chris's childhood bullies around 2005 under the name Carl. Sometime later, he and his father moved to San Francisco, where Tristian gave up the life of a juvenile delinquent and helped his father open up a print works factory. After discovering that Chris beat up his half-brothers and assumed he was the one that got the brothers arrested, Tristian became Chris and Hunter's enemy and swore to avenge his brothers by getting rid of Chris.
  • The Chavez Brothers, returning characters from Sibling Rivalries that return in TSC as the secondary antagonists. They are enemies of Chris; in 2015 he would often get in fights with the brothers, the last one (involving Chris and Eric Chavez) leaving him with a permanant scar on his left cheek. Chris no longer encounters the brothers as of 2016, since in the SR special "Straight Outta Green Bay", they were defeated by the McReary-Wilson Family and were arrested.
    • With these characters returning and the events of SOGB being mentioned by Chris, this confirms that SR and TSC take place in the same world and timeline.
  • Officer Michael Smith, the tetartagonist of the story. He is the chief of the local police department. He is a very caring and wealthy man who helps out Chris and Hunter when they are troubled.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Freddie and Andy Turner, Chris's younger brothers (Freddie is 9 and Andy is 7). Chris loves his brothers and cares for them when his mother is unable too.
  • Amanda Prince, Tonya's older sister, who helps support her and her sons when they first arrive to San Francisco. She is also the mother of Hunter.
  • Nathan Prince, Amanda's boyfriend, and the father of Hunter.
  • Vanessa Haines, Jordan's sister, and Chris's girlfriend during the events of the story.
  • Carlos Garcia Ventura, one of the friends that Chris and Hunter make. Carlos is a college student, but he also works as a cashier at the Escobar Cafe with his surrogate brother Joseph Escobar and his legal guardian Stuart Escobar.
    • Carlos also appears as the protagonist of San Francisco Underground, a prequel to TSC set three years before, where he is depicted as a juvenile delinquent.
  • Joseph Escobar, Carlos's surrogate brother and the nephew of Start Escobar. He is the cook at the Escobar Cafe, and is also a college student with Carlos. He befriends Chris and Hunter as well.
    • Joseph also reappears in San Francisco Underground as the deuteragonist. Like Carlos, he is also a juvenile delinquent, and the leader of the Escobar Gang, a group of teenage troublemakers. As Carlos and Joseph are no longer bad teens by 2016, this gang has dissolved by the events of TSC.
  • Leonardo Montiero, a 16 year-old juvenile delinquent that Chris and Hunter do jobs with, but only for the money. The boys find themselves robbing stores and doing other stick-ups.
  • Alexander Thompson, the tertiary antagonist of the story. He a dangerous drug dealer who Chris and Hunter reluctantly work for when they are desperate for money. He is also wanted by the police for illegal activities.
  • Jayden and Hayden Clinton, two twin brothers that Chris befriends. Their family is very wealthy, and they pay Chris good money for helping them out in various ways, such as yardwork or running errands for them.
  • Jason Parker, a returning character from the Sibling Rivalries franchise, and the second cousin of the Clinton twins. Along with Jayden and Hayden, he befriends Chris and helps him in his journey to make a living.

Minor and Other CharactersEdit

  • David Turner, the ex-husband of Tonya, and the father to Chris, Freddie, and Andy. He is said to take drugs and drink alcohol, which cause him to abuse his family. Chris blames his father for being one of the reasons why his childhood was the worst.
  • Patrick, Francis, Gerald, Derrick, and Kate McReary, returning characters from Sibling Rivalries that only make a cameo appearance in this comic. They appear in a flashback from SOGB, although they were only seen from the back; their faces were never shown. However, the siblings would be mentioned more later on in the story.
  • Natalie Carson, Packie McReary's temporary girlfriend in the Sibling Rivalries comic "One Tough Break-Up", makes a cameo appearance at the gym Jordan attends. She is still very bipolar and takes working out seriously.
  • Sara and Leonard Parker and Rose Parker, Jason's parents and sister, who make minor appearances throughout the story.


1. Introduction
2. Welcome To San Francisco
3. The Duran Print Works
4. Jordan Haines
5. Work Hard, Play Hard
6. First Date
7. Flatline
8. The Chavez Revolution
9. I Have Connections...
10. The Clinton Family
11. Jason Parker
12. The Escobar Cafe
13. Leonardo Monteiro
14. Alexander Thompson
15. Officer Michael Smith
16. The Good Life
17. Turner's Depression
18. The Party

Ending A

19A. A Revenger's Tragedy
20A. Epilogue

Ending B

19B. End of the Line
20B. Epilogue

Connections with Sibling RivalriesEdit

Aside from TSC taking place almost immediately after the comic "Straight Outta Green Bay" in Sibling Rivalries, there are other small references to the series made in TSC, further proving that the events of this story exist in the same canon as SR:

  • The character Jason Parker, who also appeared in the SR franchise and serves as the protagonist of Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories, reappears as a main character in TSC. He often makes references to the McReary siblings or to the events of Vancouver Stories.
  • The character Natalie Carson, who was a one-time antagonist in the comic "The Amnesia Act of 2015", seemed to have moved to San Francisco after 2015, and makes an appearance during the chapter "Work Hard, Play Hard", working out at the same gym Jordan goes to. Her anger issues have improved following her "break-up" with Packie to the point where she has become insane, almost to the same level of Catalina from GTA III and GTA San Andreas. Jordan refers to her as a "crazy bitch" (referencing the GTA San Andreas mission Farewell, My Love..., where Carl Johnson calls Catalina the same thing).
  • The events of the comic "The Lockdown" where Packie defeated a criminal who entered school grounds, is mentioned in the chapter "The Clinton Family". Jason immediately recognizes Packie and shares this with Chris.
  • The satellite image of a naked Joel Gonzales which appeared in the ending of the comic "Satellite Screw-Up", made a cameo in the background during the chapter "The Good Life".


  • The storyline of TSC spans a total of 25 years. The comic first opens up with a scene in 2005, the main story takes place in 2016, and the epilogue is set in 2030.
  • This is GTA Nerd's first comic to mention drugs/alcohol (although a subtle reference to alcohol was made in the SR comic "San Salvador's Story").
  • Chris narrates the entire story to let the reader know what is happening, similar to how Patrick McReary narrated the beginning of the SR pilot comic. Packie also briefly narrated in a Season 5 comic.
  • This is the second appearance of San Francisco in a GTA Nerd comic, the first being in the CC special Cletus The Movie-Comic 3: Road To Robopolis.
  • Compton is much more detailed in TSC than how it was depicted in SOGB.
  • This is the first comic written by GTA Nerd to include profane language besides the word "crap". However, while more profane words are censored with dashes (ex. "f--- you Chris!"), the more minor swear words are not.
  • TSC lacks transition panels (such as later "Later..." or "Meanwhile...") which are featured in Cletus Comics and Sibling Rivalries. When the scene changes, Chris would give narration on how the next scene is going to go.
  • Salvador Real is the only protagonist from the Sibling Rivalries franchise to not make an appearance in TSC, as Packie made a cameo appearance in the introduction, and Jason plays a major role throughout the story.


TSC includes two different endings, and it is completely up to the reader to decide which ending is canon. After getting a call from Tristan, who has invited the boys to work with him again, Chris and Hunter must decide if they should meet up with Tristan and put their grudges aside, or if they should take advantage of the situation with their connections to the police and have Tristan arrested. The two endings are vaguely named Ending A and Ending B, and a description of both endings is listed below.

Ending AEdit

In Ending A, Chris and Hunter choose not to bring any police officers into the situation. They go to Tristan's newspaper company, but Tristan turns on them again and the Chavez brothers appear, who tackle Hunter and brutally beat him. Chris (along with the help of Jordan) chases Tristan, who escaped from the newspaper company and burns it down, and eventually he is defeated and pushed off the Golden Gate Bridge, killing him when he is hit with a boat shortly after falling into the water. Later, it is revealed that Hunter and the Chavez brothers were killed in the fire.

Ending BEdit

In Ending B, the cousins decide they shouldn't trust Tristan, so they decide to meet him with backup from the police. Tristan does betray them again, but before he can do anything, the police arrest him. The Chavez brothers escape from the company, where they break into Chris's house, abduct his brothers and brutally beats his mother to the ground. Chris and Hunter (with the help of Jordan and the police) chase down the Chavez brothers to the Golden Gate Bridge, where they are once again arrested. Later, it is revealed that Chris's mother was so badly beaten that she died from her injuries.

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