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Tristian/Carl Duran is the main antagonist of Turner's Second Chance. He is the co-owner of the Duran Print Works in downtown San Francisco, California, with the boss being his father Charles Duran. TSC's main characters, Chris Turner and Hunter Prince, get a job at the print works as paper boys, but are fired by Tristian after discovering a secret about Chris.


Early lifeEdit

Tristian was born sometime in 1991 to Charles Duran and an unnamed mother. Although Charles chose his real name, his mother wanted him to be called "Carl". Young Tristian would go by both names throughout his early life.

Growing up in the gritty areas of Compton, California, Tristian got caught up with the wrong crowd, and became a troublemaker. Before 1997, his mother broke up with Charles, and would later meet an unnamed man (with the last name Chavez), whom she had five sons with. These five brothers are Tristian's half-brothers; despite never meeting them in person, he kept in touch with and communicated to them. Sometime before 2015, the mother and the father died from an unknown cause, leaving the Chavez brothers unsupervised, which later lead them to become careless delinquents.

Run-ins with Chris TurnerEdit

In 2006, "Carl" (being 15 years old) would frequently bully and steal stuff from 5 year-old Chris Turner when he walked through Compton by himself. One notable incident with Carl that current Chris remembers is the time when Tristian/Carl stole money from him, then threatened to hit Chris with his own baseball bat if he didn't leave. It is implied that the two would continue to run into each other throughout the rest of the year.

Move to San FranciscoEdit

After being single for nearly a decade, Charles and Tristian/Carl would eventually move to San Francisco sometime between 2007 and 2015. After moving, Tristian gave up his bullying ways and became a respectful young adult. He would also no longer go by "Carl" anymore. His father opened up a print works downtown, which the two work to print newspapers, then deliver them to people.

While Tristian grew up to help his father, the Chavez brothers remained troublemakers in Compton. In 2015, they met Chris, who unknoweboust to them, was the same kid that Tristian picked on when he was younger. The Chaves brothers would become Chris's sworn enemies, and throughout the year he would have fights with the brothers after they messed with him. The last fight, which occured around late 2015, involved Chris and Eric. Eric scratched Chris's face, giving him a permanent scar. In retaliation, Chris won the fight by breaking his jaw. Tristian was unaware of these events, and did not find out until 2016 (when the events of TSC take place).

In January 2016, the Chavez brothers were defeated by the McReary-Wilson Family and were taken to jail. This ends Chris's trouble with the delinquents of Compton, making his life almost better.

Events of "Turner's Second Chance"Edit

Following the arrest of his father in February, Chris moved to San Francisco with his mother and brothers. Seeing as how he is the man of the house now, Chris must find a job and support his family. With his cousin Hunter Prince, he becomes a paper boy for the Duran Print Works. The two do well, which impresses Tristian and his father.

Chris and Hunter continue working for the Duran Print Works for the rest of the month, but everything changes in March. Tristian gets in touch with his brothers, who tell him about how Chris often beat them up, when really they were the ones that started the brawls. They tell Tristian they have been arrested and are in juvenile detention. Tristian figures that Chris was the reason they got arrested, and confronts Chris one day. Although Chris tells Tristian that he did not get the boys arrested and it was the work of "these Irish kids from Wisconsin", Tristian fires Chris and Hunter anyway, swearing that he will avenge his half-brothers no matter what he must do to the cousins.


  • Tristan is the oldest human antagonist in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe.
  • Originally, Tristan would have only appeared as a minor character in the story, with "Carl" being his true name. He would only appear in the beginning of TSC, then have his fate unknown for the rest of the comic. However, GTA Nerd later added the plot twist where the character by the name of "Carl" at the beginning of TSC was actually a younger Tristan.
  • Tristan's alternate name is a reference to Carl Johnson, protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Chronologically, Tristan has the first lines of any human character in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe, which were "Hey, Turner!" in 2005.
  • Out of all the antagonists in the GTA Nerd Comic Universe, Tristan could be considered the most darkest and sadistic, seeing as how he he bullied Chris as a kid, and as an adult, he wanted to literally murder him for beating up his brothers throughout 2015. Tristan also wanted his sick father dead so he could take over the print works business. In Ending A, Tristan turns on his own brothers just to escape from Chris, when he burns down the print works with a match that inevitably kills the Chavez brothers and Hunter as well. In Ending A, Tristan meets his demise and is killed, although in Ending B he is simply arrested instead.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

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