Toni in GTA LCS


Toni in GTA III


Toni with the Carbine Rifle


Toni with a chainsaw

"But, Mr. Leone, I thought we got history. I mean, I've done a lot for this family, and now you're expecting me to take orders from this, this... well, it just doesn't seem right."
―Toni Cipriani

Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is a main character in Grand Theft Auto III, and the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In GTA III Toni gives Claude missions, and both of them do work for Salvatore Leone. More about Toni is revealed in GTA LCS, which is in the same city as GTA III: the 3D version of Liberty City.


  • An easter egg in Grand Theft Auto IV shows that Toni and some other GTA III era protagonists died shortly before or in 2008. It is unknown if this is canon with the 3D Universe.
  • Toni looks very different in GTA III than in GTA LCS, despite there only being 2 years between the games (LCS in 1998, and III in 2001).

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