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    Hi Dimitri,

    I'm actually thinking of going back to the original name for Angus' club which you liked. It's just that I've hit a wall with the new name and can't get anywhere with it. I know you liked the name I originally chose and it definitely does sound much more creative. Plus it's actually a lot easier to design a patch for.

    Brotherhood Rising will be more than just a biker story. It speaks of betrayal, hurt, brotherhood and loyalty, genuine love (Angus and Leila) and the struggles of the life. Early on I'm focusing on the friendships between the major characters so you can get to know them a bit. That will show why they side with Angus at the start. I also want to build on Angus' character as well - he is much more than just a biker thug. He has a unique way of looking at things, he can see how to exploit a situation to his advantage, he understands true leadership through watching the fall of first Billy Grey and then Johnny and he knows how to inspire his fellow bikers.

    Angus is the type of man Johnny should have been. He is a highly capable leader who is firm when he needs to be and understanding when it's required, he genuinely loves Leila and goes out of his to protect her, he has a keen sense of humour and is seen brotherly bonding with his bikers. He is violent and uncompromising when he has to be but understanding and diplomatic as well.

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    • Wow man .. you never replied back to my post yet you make one here on my wall.

      Anyway, you have interesting ideas and I would like to see the relationship between Angus and Leila. And I like the change you made to Angus to make him stand out more as a possible GTA protagonist.

      I love the many themes you incorporate as well. A good story has emotion to it, and you excel at that. Honestly, I wish I had your talent when it came to creating GTA fanfictions. I have tried to many times. Hell, I once created my own version of Grand Theft Auto VI, which went back to Liberty City and followed a man named Jose Gonzales (the name is from one of my comic characters) along with a resurrected Dimitri Rascalov being the deuteragonist.

      So Jose was just a normal guy living in Los Santos, San Andreas, but then his home is destroyed by Franklin Clinton, so he moves to Liberty City and befriends Dimitri. I pretty much deleted all the pages I made regarding it. It was really cheesy and stupid if you ask me. I was younger back then when I created the fanfiction. I doubt Liberty City would be shown again anytime soon since that city already had its turn in the spotlight.

      Meanwhile, your works are more mature and actually seem like it would make a real GTA game. It has more of a story then GTA V in my opinion. It is the sequel to The Lost and Damned that we all need.

      Speaking of DLCs, it's a shame that GTA V never made single player DLCs like GTA IV did with its Episodes From Liberty City. That was the greatest idea I've ever seen, and GTA V really could use more storylines with its large setting.

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    • Dude, calm down! I've been busy. It's not like I can immediately respond to your posts the moment you make them. But I'll get to them eventually.

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    • It all takes experience really. As you keep writing and even as you get older you'll learn a new way of doing things. Writing develops with the author. You'll find your voice and as you grow in your writing you'll see a change. You'll notice it as you get older too - an older mind sees things differently and as such writes differently. I've always been creative so I really love writing. I try to write every day if I can as its something I really love doing. The ideas just seem to come to me.

      I like your idea with Jose Gonzales. That could actually make a good story if you dropped the resurrected Dimitri and instead focused on Jose's own story. Liberty City is a big place with huge opportunities for fan-fictions. I would encourage you to maybe look at that one again sometime. If you're having trouble with TSC, SFU or any of your other comics a good trick can be to just leave them for awhile. Stop working on them for a time and give your mind a chance to refresh itself. Do something different and then come back to them at a later time.

      I always felt Angus needed his own story. Its sort of a comeback story if you will. The one guy no one ever thinks will amount to anything. He was crippled, so he's down and out. Or so everyone thinks! But he is more along the lines of Niko or maybe Luis in terms of the complexity of his character. He has several different sides to him that are all part of who he is. 

      ...but yes, the biker world is a very big part of the story. Angus is an outlaw biker, its the only thing he knows how to be. He's not a bad guy, but he's also not a good guy. He's a violent criminal, but he's also a loving husband. 

      An important trick is to ask yourself what story you really want to be telling. What do you want to do with Chris? Where is he going? What is he going to do? How would he react to a certain situation? All endings don't have to be positive and uplifting. It can be a cautionary tale or it can be a happy ending.

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    • Nah, I think the Jose Gonzales idea is gone for good lol, I don't see it coming back anytime soon with my focus on my physical comics. It would probably work better as a DLC or something, not as a new major installment. But if I decide to work with GTA fanfictions, I'll make something a little more like a GTA game. Jose's story was pretty cheesy, if you ask me.

      I pretty much got Chris's story all lined out already, and now it's only a matter of time to put all the chapters together. It should be finally completed by next month ot August. That's the plan. Production for TSC has really been slow. It was supposed to come out last year, but I lost interest, and now I'm back and I have to see this story completed.

      I really like your ideas with Angus and the characteristics you give him. It is always interesting for a supporting character to come back as the protagonist if it is done right. And your ideas are very impressive. You go up and beyond! My ideas are pretty lame and cheesy. But I think my light-hearted comic series like Cletus Comics and Sibling Rivalries are fun and cheesy in a good way. TSC is something else. It takes many inspirations from GTA IV (maybe too much...?), but it is nothing like I've written before.

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    • The point is that Brotherhood Rising is as much Leila's story as it is Angus'. She is a very central character and a balancing influence for Angus. The relationship between them will be a major theme throughout the fanfiction and they are shown to actually genuninely love each other. To the extent that Angus marries her later on in the fanfiction. She will be the balancing force and source of support that Johnny never had, she is able to calm Angus down and talk him out of things. She appears right from the very beginning and you see a growing relationship between them - Angus genuinely loves her and she is the one that keeps him from going off the deep end like Johnny and Billy did. 

      I still think the Jose Gonzales storyline could make an interesting story, but maybe in the form of a DLC like you suggest. My fanfiction is essentially a DLC too in that it is related to the GTA V main storyline but isn't actually a part of GTA V. In a similar way to GTA IV and its episodes. I wouldn't worry about some of your creations being a bit cheesy - there is nothing wrong with a bit of cheesiness and lightheartedness. 

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    • Right now, TSC is my main focus, and then I will see if I can work on new stories. I don't really do fanfictions, and I just don't see myself really writing any anytime soon. But thank you for the support anyway. It means a lot to me.

      Angus is an interesting character as he has a wife and their relationship is very crucial to the plot. It is good that Leila is there for him and supports him. That's what a good deuteragonist should do for the protagonist. Leila is the deuteragonist, correct? I would love to see what the couple would get into. What does she think about Trevor?

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    • Fair enough, not everyone writes fan-fiction in the way I do. Your comics wouldn't really be considered fan-fiction as they don't use locations or themes from a game. They are their own thing in their own universe - which is a very very cool thing! If you enjoy writing your comics I would say stick with them, some people write comics and others write novels. But some people will enjoy comics and others will enjoy novels. It's all writing! :)

      Leila is somewhere between a secondary protagonist and a deuteragonist. There can be two protagonists in a story, such as Romeo & Juliet, but it's a very rare practice. She will be a voice of reason and a calming influence on Angus. She loves Angus, so she wants to see him safe and secure in his life. But at the same time, she is a biker's "old lady" and she knows the rules. She can advise Angus and suggest things, but at the end of the day he does what he wants to. He's superior to her - that's how it is in the biker world, the women obey their men. It's a really old-timey set up where the woman does what she's told, doesn't get in the way of her man's business and she definitely doesn't have a say in club matters.

      But it'll be different between Angus and Leila. Because of the great love between them. He is gentle and kind with her. He actually listens to her advice and treats her well, much better than other bikers treat their women. She distrusts Trevor completely as she can clearly see him for what he is - a man with a dangerously unstable nature and giant ego. She knows how dangerous Trevor is and that he could very well be the death of them all.

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