The Wolves (also known by its former title, High School Life) was a cancelled comic series that was concieved back in December 2016, and then set to debut in January 2017 before it was scrapped.

The series would have focused on protagonist Jonathan "Johnny" Escobar and his friends Alex Brady the Clinton twins (Jayden and Hayden), and their new female friend Chloe Perez, as the five start high school at Christopher A. Turner High School. The series would reference many things, such as the difficulties of growing up, the stress that high school causes, and more, as well as showing the brighter side of high school, such as its awesome pep rallies and football games.

The series was scrapped due to the difficulty that GTA Nerd had of starting the series in the first place, eventually abandoning the project. Four months later, he began work on Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, a sequel series to the original Sibling Rivalries series that pretty much has the same concept as The Wolves.


  • The Clinton twins were eventually carried over to Turner's Second Chance, keeping the same characteristics.
    • Originally, in TSC the twins would have only been visiting San Francisco, and they would really live in Arizona, the setting of this series.
  • The main setting of the series, Christopher A. Turner High School, was a tribute to the character Chris Turner from TSC. Although in-universe, there is no connection between the school or the character whatsoever.
  • Being aimed at a teenage-adult audience, the series would have been slightly more mature than Sibling Rivalries and Cletus Comics, being almost near the same level as Turner's Second Chance, but still remaining at a TV sitcom level (similar to shows like Friends or The Big Bang Theory).
  • The main antagonist of the series, who would have been named Anthony DeoBer, was recycled in TNC, not only keeping the same name, but the same character model as well. However, their personalities are of course, completely different due to TNC Anthony not being a villain and instead a main character.