One day, Mart456t wakes up in his multi-million dollar mansion to the sound of his butler choking on his own bad luck. He said "thanks for the wake up call!" "Y-y-y-yooouur-r-r-r  w-w-w-wel-c-c-c-come" The butler replied. Mart made his way down to his garage to get his limosine driver from his cupboard and stuff him in Mart's golden, high tech, diamond-incrusted, jewl-wheeled, bronze-windowed, mayo-engined limo. But before he could make the limo driver's day, he found a mysterious box on his work desk. He frowned, wondering what it could be. Inside, he saw the thing that he always wanted, a beautiful he reached his flipper for her, but lost balance and fell into the box, and fell, and fell, and fell, and- BOOM. He landed right on top of Mr Cow2, Dimitri Rascalov and Niko Bellic. Dora comes out of nowhere. "Hi! Do you think your in Dora the Explorer"? They all nod in unision. "Well your wrong. This is Dora the Destryer" (takes out machine gun). Boots comes "and I'm her punchbuggy!". Swiper comes "yup. But I always stay the same" (swipes Dora's machine gun). "HAHAHAHAHA!!!". Mart456t: OH NO!!! SNIPER NO SNIPING, SNIPER NO SNIPING, SNIPER NO SNIPING! "Oh man!!!". Dora:"Good work private". Mr Cow2:"private?"  "I meant noobie" "oh".

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