The Walking Dead: Imprisoned is a fanmade story written by Vince which is inspired from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead series and franchise.

The story revolves around a group of survivors who must escape from a tunnel that has been infested and overrun with a herd of walkers, make their way to a prison and once again escape against both the living and the dead as a major event will transpire around them that will leave a horrifying image within their minds as they try to survive.


An outbreak of unknown origins has taken over the world, turning those who are infected into ferocious cannibals, as well as bringing the dead back to life into the same monster.

A month has passed and the remaining population of the United States are now trying to survive in groups outside of cities, scavenging what supplies they can find, surviving against days in the new world, where the dead now walk the earth, fighting them in oder to stay alive. Kyle Ranvir, former high school teacher, is with a group just outside the city of Newburgh, New York, which is infested with the walking dead.

"A month... a month... and we're all just still here, waiting for someone or something to come and get us..." Kyle says. A man approaches him, "You can go on ahead toward the city, get yourself killed or bitten and be one of them." he says, telling Kyle to stop complaining and help them set up for a supply run toward the city again. The man is Nelson Linden, with him are the group who are gonna accompany both him and Kyle on yet another supply run, Michael Ramirez, Susie Palmer, Walter Ryan and Peter Mackintosh.

"You guys sure you want to come along? I can go in and out of the city without having to face a walker dead on. As in literal dead on." Walter tells the others. "We're going with you. It can't always be you alone on these runs. You need people to watch your back too, and with the possibility that you can may as well get killed out there, we aren't risking it now. Days have gone bye, and I'm sure things have changed over a month." Nelson says. Walter acknowledges Nelson's words and he has the group gather up weapons to bring along for the run.

"Hey, wait!" someone calls out to Walter and his group. "Take this. I'll have the other one here. You know how it works, right?" The man says. The man gives Walter a walkie-talkie, with the other staying with him. Lester Monroe, former police officer from Carson city in California, which had been abandoned and overrun, is the one to give Walter the device. Walter tells him that he knows, saying that "someone taught him".


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