The Time's Come is a secret, alternative final storyline mission in Grand Theft Friendships given to the protagonist Dimitri Rascalov by his best friend D'Angelo Magana.


To start this mission, in That Special Someone, refuse to meet Salvador Real in Alderney and instead head to Dimitri's home in Hove Beach, Broker. D'Angelo will ask Dimitri if he really is going to give up. Confirm your choice by pressing X (PS3/PSP), B (Xbox 360), E (PC), or the thumbs up button (Android/Apple devices). Pushing these buttons will trigger a cutscene with Dimitri thinking about Salvador's actions earlier in the story. He says he should instead get revenge on him and teach him a lesson for betraying people. D'Angelo is confused, but agrees he should get payback. After the cutscene, Maria calls Dimitri and asks what happened. Dimitri tells her how Salvador was "full of crap anyway", and needs to be taught a lesson.

After all of this, Dimitri goes to Schottler Elementary School and sees D'Angelo. Dimitri whispers to him "Payback time". They see Salvador with all his 7th Grade goons. He hits Salvador with a slingshot, which riles up all the 7th Grade. Revenge is happening!


Take down all of the 7th Grade and keep up with Salvador, who is trying to escape. Fortunatley, the school gates are shut, so all he will do is run around the school endlessly until all tje 7th Grade goons are down. Once you did so, a cutscene will play with Salvador, Dimitri, and D'Angelo at the big field.

Dimitri: Sorry, Sal. Remember, you turned on us when you "sent your regards".

Salvador: I was kidding, man! I love you both. How about we all just be friends.

Dimitri: I'll answer to that with this. (He punches Salvador, who falls onto the floor.)

Salvador: Easy... man! I got a soccer game tommorow (Dimitri spits on him) Aww, gross!

Dimitri: I told you so. Get out of here. Forget all this crap. All of this for no reward.

(Salvador limps away.)

D'Angelo: So, you got revenge. How does it feel.

Dimitri: Terrible. Now I'm starting to wish I just went there to Alderney and made it happen. Great, just great. I need time to think about this. A long time. I'll see you soon. Thanks for the help.

D'Angelo: No prob. Talk to you soon. (The game ends with Dimitri slowly walking away as the camera pans out to show Liberty City. A song plays, with "The End" appearing in the sky.


The rewards are the same as Keep Your Friends Close..., only Eduardo Tena does not give them to Dimitri himself, the rewards are just there for Dimitri to collect himself.


  • Rockstar Games has confirmed Keep Your Friends Close... is the canon ending, and this mission was an "alternative scenario". That could explain why this ending wasn't meant to be found by the player.
  • In the other ending, they defeat Andrew Ramos, and Azriel Arce agrees to stay in Liberty, but in this ending, due to poor planning, neither of these people appear (although instead, Azriel CALLS Dimitri to tell him, and Dimitri is still happy).
  • This is is the only of the three endings that you don't defeat Andrew.
  • You cannot experience this ending if you already expirenced the Quilava Island ending before.
  • D'Angelo, during That Special Someone, tells Dimitri if he is going to see Salvador, or is he going to run back home. This makes this ending easy to find by the player.

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