The Popular and the Unpopular is the first storyline mission in Grand Theft Friendships: Salvador Real's Adventures.


The mission starts with the protagonist, Salvador Real, reading a note, and ripping it up in front of Dimitri Rascalov and D'Angelo Magana. As he walks away, a bunch of girls walk up to him, giving him high fives and telling him hi. Salvador smiles as Eduardo Tena tells him it's time to go. Salvador says "Oh yeah!", and walks off the screen.


Get on Salvador's bike and follow Eduardo to Salvador's house in Meadow Hills. On the way, the two have a conversation. Eduardo talks about Salvador's popularity, and Salvador tell hims he's proud of all the attention. Eduardo is obviously jealous of him.


The two go inside the house and talk. Want a transcript?

  • Eduardo: So, you alright?

  • Salvador: Yes. Why?

  • Eduardo: Oh, no reason. Well, are you annoyed?

  • Salvador: From WHAT?

  • Eduardo: Well, you got two  6th Graders on your butt, wanting to be your friend for no reason.

  • Salvador: He's obviously jealous. I'll give him a while, then befriend him.

  • Eduardo: Ok... why not now?

  • Salvador: Uhh, how's Pablo? I haven't seen him in a while.

  • Eduardo: He's fine. He'll be coming back soon.

  • Salvador: Good. Hope he's not gambling up in Venturas.

  • Eduardo: Well, I have to go. Ride with me home?

  • Salvador: Let's go.

Now, ride to Eduardo's house down in Hove Beach. Eduardo will thank Salvador, and tells him to come by sometime.


The reward is $125, and the unlocking of the next mission, Dealing With the Obsessed.

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