The Party is the eighthteenth chapter of Turner's Second Chance, and is the first part in the story's finale.


Hunter throws a party for Chris at the Escobar Cafe to cheer him up from the events of the previous chapter. All of Chris's friends show up and thank him for the work he has done, and how happy they are to have him around. The party is cut short, however, when Chris receives a phone call from Tristan. Tristan apologizes for betraying Chris, bullying him as a child, and bringing back the Chavez brothers to hunt him down. He invites Chris and Hunter back to the print works and they can go back to being paperboys like they were at the beginning of the story. Chris is unsure of what decision he should make.

From here on, it is the reader's choice to choose what the cousins should do. There are two options, A: Chris and Hunter go back to the Duran Print Works the following Monday and put their past events behind them, or B: Chris and Hunter choose to not trust Tristan, and instead they take advantage of the situation and have Tristan be arrested by the police for his actions when they go visit him the following Monday.

Character AppearancesEdit

Note: A name in Italics indicates this is the character's first appearance.


  • This is the chapter with the most amount of characters, even beating out "The Good Life".
  • The name of the chapter is taken from a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


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