The Legacy of Azriel Arce is a mission in Grand Theft Friendships triggered from a phone call from Maria Rizo.


After the mission First Date, Maria calls Dimitri Rascalov to tell him she found his long-lost best friend, Azriel Arce. He is living in lower Algonquin if Dimitri wants to go reunite with him. Dimitri thanks Maria for finding him, then calls D'Angelo Magana to meet with him at Azriel's house. D'Angelo does so.


Head to Azriel's house in Little Italy. That's pretty much all.

Cutscene at Azriel's House TranscriptEdit

  • Dimitri: Hey, D'Angelo.
  • D'Angelo: There you are, man. You ready for this,
  • Dimitri: Sure. It's not Salvador, but sure. Come on.

(The two knock on Azriel's door. Azriel opens it.)

  • Azriel: Dimitri? What are you doing here?
  • Dimitri: Azriel. My old friend. How's things?
  • Azriel: Oh, my god! Dimitri, it IS you! (He hugs Dimitri.)
  • Dimitri: Hey, easy, easy. I'm not really a hugging guy.
  • Azriel: D'Angelo? You're here, too?
  • D'Angelo: Yes. I'm Dimitri's new best friend.
  • Azriel (disappointed): What? Dimitri... you replaced me?
  • Dimitri: Hey, YOU'RE the one who disappeared to San Fierro without saying goodbye. You were there for a year! Me and D'Angelo got closer during that year.
  • Azriel: Well, I don't want to be replaced by HIM! That fat... person!
  • D'Angelo: Azriel, can we stop with the fat jokes?
  • Azriel: Sorry. I always liked you. You're cool. Not as cool as me!
  • D'Angelo: Hey!
  • Dimitri: So, we're good! Friends reunited. Azriel, I got so much stuff to tell you since you left. 
  • Azriel: Ooh, tell me, tell me!
  • Dimitri: Well, now I'm trying to become friends with Salvador Real!
  • Azriel (Frowns): Salvador? The 7th Grader? Now you're replacing me with HIM?! Salvador's probably too cool for you!
  • Dimitri: Yeah, I think so, too... It was nice catching up, Azriel.
  • Azriel: Later, D! Drop by later and we'll recreate our friendship!


You get no money, but you unlock missions for Azriel, the first being Union Drive.

Post-Mission Phone CallEdit

  • Andrew: Dimitri, it's Andrew again.
  • Dimitri: What's up, man?
  • Andrew: Not much. So I heard you found Azriel, who left you to go to San Fierro, because he hated you.
  • Dimitri: He doesn't hate me!
  • Andrew: Says you! And let me tell you something, I hate you for not coming to LS with me! 
  • Dimitri: What?
  • Andrew: That's right! I don't need you! The truth about me is, I'm a bully! And I'm going to start ruining your life!
  • Dimitri: Why are you turning on me? I didn't do crap to you! 
  • Andrew: See you soon, Dimitri...

(hangs up)

  • Dimitri: Damn. Why would he do that? What did I do wrong?

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