The Last Stand is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Friendships: Salvador Real's Adventures given by Eduardo Tena to Salvador Real.


At Eduardo's new mansion in Algonquin, he tells Salvador he tracked down Braulio Gullien to Acter Industrial Park. A helicopter will be leaving the airport to pick up Braulio. He tells Salvador to follow the chopper there, and take out Braulio. Salvador says okay, and goes out to end things.


When Salvador goes outside, a chopper flys over him. Follow it to Acter Industrial Park. After a while, Eduardo texts him, saying he should beat it there and take it out before it lands, so now a GPS route appears. As quick as you can, follow the line to the park. There, take out Braulio's men and the chopper (the BB Gun is recommended, as itis the strongest weapon in the game). At the top of a building, Salvador encounters Braulio. Braulio tells him he doesn't need Salvador, and another chopper arrives. Salvador does not take it out fast enough, and must find another way to keep up with it. Eduardo comes in a chopper piloted by an adult, and Salvador gets in it. More of Braulio's henchman arrive. Eduardo gives you a BB Gun with unlimited ammo and does a lot of damage. Over Broker, they manage to get close enough to Braukio's chopper. Salvador jumps onto Braulio's chopper, and finds Braulio. He tells Braulio goodbye, and that he was a great friend while it lasted. He pushes him out, making Braulio fall into a trash can (it's unusual how he survived). The pilot drop off Salvador and Eduardo at Eduardo's house, and a cutscene plays, with Eduardo thanking Salvador for all his help, and tells him to keep in touch with him while he continues to have fun in the city. Salvador happily leaves, with the words "The End" appearing on-screen.


The reward is $10,000, and after the mission, most of Salvador's belongings (including his bike) will have a unique platinum color.


  • During the end credits, the events of That Special Someone and Keep Your Friends Close..., confirming this is the canon GTF ending, and GTF: SRA ends before that mission. However, Salvador cannot experience these missions in his game, only Dimitri can.

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