The Good Old Days refers to days when everything was perfect and life was great. These days are still good, but sometimes don't you miss those good old days, especially when everything around you change? User:Dimitri Rascalov 4 Life, Dimitri Rascalov, and Patrick McReary are known people who miss the "good old days". For DR4L, it was when he ruled his school with Azriel by day, and ruling the street with Andrew by (weekend) night. Now, they are both gone, and DR4L's life completely changed, when he learns about the existence of... him. With them both gone, will he ever be able to experience those days ever again? Anyway, Dimitri (GTF) has a slightly different backstory, he, liked DR4L, hung out with Azriel by day, but who by night? In 2007, Azriel moved away, but Dimitri found him again in 2008, what a relief! Dimitri also found Salvador, but he's actually TRUE friends with him (DR4L is yet to be true friends, just "friends" at the moment), and he remains Azriel's best friend, so his life is good. Packie also missed being young (like DR4L) and having no responsibilites, as seen in Yearning to be Young, but he then decides to stick with his current self, and enjoys it. How were YOUR good old days?

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