The Golden Gate Eagles was a scrapped comic in the T.J. Productions Comic Universe, originally being a prequel to San Francisco Underground and Turner's Second Chance, two other standalone comics.

The premise of TGGE was taken from a scrapped comic series titled The Wolves, although this comic was later scrapped as well, with the theme finally being given to Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter.

TGGE would have been the first chronological comic in the original "San Francisco Trilogy", being set five years before the events of SFU and nine years before the events of TSC. With this comic being scrapped, the trilogy idea was scrapped as well, with TSC and SFU coming together to form a dualogy.

Original PlotEdit

The Golden Gate Eagles follows protagonist Ivan Montero, a 15 year old boy living in northern San Francisco.

Growing up as an only child, Ivan received all the attention from his parents, getting whatever he wanted. Ivan had it all, except for friends. Ivan grew up in a quiet neighborhood where there wasn't really anybody for him to play with. The closet that came to a friend was Ivan's mother's friend's adopted son Carlos Garcia Ventura, who was still much younger than Ivan.

As Ivan got older, he became more distant from his parents, who were busy with their work. He became neglected by them. Ivan tries to make friends at school, but his clingy personality has resulted in his friends finding him unfit and then leaving him after being annoyed. By the end of middle school, Ivan has lost both of his friends and his friends. He has become an outcast.

In September 2007, Ivan prepared to go to school at Golden Gate High School (a fictional high school replacing George Washington High School in the comic universe). This school year, he tries to start over with a new perspective on life. However he messes up and goes back to his old ways, and ends up causing trouble with some people. Now it is up to Ivan to get through the school year, make a name for himself as a student, and trying to stay happy, while meanwhile being hunted down by his friends who have turned on him.


  • TGGE would have been the first chronological comic of the T.J. Productions Comic Universe, beating out the first comic of Cletus Comics by two/three years.
    • This would have also been first comic to be set before the 2010's.

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