"How am I supposed to handle AP Algebra? I can't even handle regular Algebra!"
―Patrick McReary

The Golden Boy is the second comic in Season 1 of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, and the 47th comic overall.


Packie cheats off of a random student on his algebra test, but it turns out the kid he copied off of is very intelligent and got all of the answers correct, being so great that he is moved into a harder AP class; as Packie got the same answers, the school recognizes how "smart" he is and places him into the class as well. Packie is forced to confess that he cheated as he continues to be rewarded by his family for his false accomplishment.

Character AppearancesEdit

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appears in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

McReary-Wilson FamilyEdit

High School GroupEdit


Locations FeaturedEdit


  • This comic is somewhat similar to the iCarly episode iPromise Not To Tell, where a character gets themself in a situation that they are praised for, but the guilt gets to them and they are forced to confess the truth. Carly (with the help of Sam and Freddie) change her school grades to all A's which makes Spencer so happy he celebrates by buying her gifts, while Packie is placed into an AP class after cheating, which makes his family (who do not know the truth) proud of him and plan on buying him gifts to celebrate.
  • This was also the name of a scrapped Season 4 comic from Sibling Rivalries, which would have been about the McReary siblings' snobby rich cousin visiting Green Bay from Ireland and making Packie mad when he begins stealing his friends. The comic has since been replaced with "House Party".
  • This comic marks the return of several characters from the original series, including Salvador and his brothers (who were notably absent in "Welcome Freshmen" due to it being freshman-only day at school and they are sophomores), and the Wilson family (besides Adrian, who is a main character).
  • This is the first comic that Jose Gonzales does not appear in since the Season 4 comic "Feeling Peachy", which ruins his nine-comic streak of appearances.
  • Mr. Cooper appears to be teaching his students pre-calculus, and not actually Algebra.
  • This has become the third comic in the series that was completed at a late time at the night, but still after midnight which makes it a new day, the first being "The Big Trade-Off" and Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories.
  • Major Error: Though Adrian and the high school gang are aware that Packie cheated on the test, later on when the family goes out to eat, Adrian tells Packie that they are going to buy him a quad to congratulate him on his "accomplishment", apparently suddenly becoming under the influence that Packie passed the test all by himself. Though in every scene before and after this, he knows the truth.
  • In this comic, as well as "Welcome Freshmen", Anthony is much less shy and more well-spoken than he would later go on to be.


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