The Chihuahuas of Circuit Board Island was a cancelled full-notebook special that was scheduled to be released in late 2014 or sometime in 2015. The special was going to take place sometime after the events of Cletus Comics, and focused on Cletus's dogs, Steve, Cutecumber, Steve Jr., Taysha, and Vlad, on their adventure to save the world (the threat is unknown at the moment, although it is speculated to be the Anti-Dogs), "one paw at a time", as said on the first artwork for the special.

GTA Nerd said that other characters (such as Cletus) would have appear in the special, but most of the comic focused on the dogs, as well as featured exclusive new characters.


  • This would have been the second full-notebook special to have the protagonists be Steve and Cutecumber, the first being "Dog Island". Several comics within the series also focus on these dogs.
  • The idea of a movie-like spin-off was inspired by the movies Puss in Boots and Penguins of Madagascar, both movies made by Dreamworks Animation Studios that are spin-offs to Shrek and Madagascar, respectively.

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