Eric, O'Shea, Lorenzo, Andre, and Antoine Chavez are one-time antagonists in Sibling Rivalries, appearing as the main antagonists of the Season 5 special comic "Straight Outta Green Bay". The brothers later reappear as the secondary antagonists in Turner's Second Chance.

They are five orphan delinquent teenagers that live in Compton, California by themselves. They all have a maternal half-brother named Tristan A. Duran, who is older than them by nearly ten years and lives in San Francisco with his father.

Events of the GTA Nerd Comic UniverseEdit

Prior to birthEdit

Before their mother had the Chavez brothers, she had a son with an unnamed man in 1991. She wanted to call her child Carl, but the father wanted his name to be Tristian. The son went by both names throughout his life. After his father broke up with his mother, the mother would meet another man around 1997 and have five kids with him (Eric, O'Shea, Lorenzo, Andre, and Antoine). In an unknown time before 2015, the parents died, leaving the teenage boys as orphans. Seeing that there is nobody in charge of them anymore, they became careless delinquents.

Tristian mentions in TSC that he still keeps in touch with his half-brothers, although he never really met them all in person.

Early 2015Edit

The Chavez brothers met Christopher Turner in early 2015, and somehow they became his sworn enemies. Chris often fought the brothers and beat them up. In the last fight, occuring near late 2015, Chris fought Eric, which left him with a permanant scar on his face. Chris broke Eric's jaw in retaliation, although by January 2016 it has healed.

Events of "Straight Outta Green Bay"Edit

When the McReary-Wilson Family goes to San Diego for a vacation, Gerald "Gerry" McReary accidentally drops his football out of the window of the taxi they are riding in. Eric Chavez, the oldest and the leader of the gang, takes the football (which lands on the sidewalk) and decides to take it back to Compton with him and his other siblings.

When Gerry later realizes that he lost his ball, he freaks out. Using a tracking device that he somehow placed inside the football, the family drives to Compton to see if they can find the ball. Gerry sees the Chavez brothers playing with the ball, so he exits the taxi and asks for the ball back. Eric refuses, telling Gerry that he found the ball so now it is his. Gerry gets frustrated, leading him to yell "GIVE ME MY BALL BACK!!". Surprised by his tone, Eric tells Gerry to watch the way he talks to him, and also says "You don't wanna know what we do to your kind out here...". When Eric says this, the four other brothers make their debuts. Gerry is surprised by how much brothers Eric says, asking if these are his friends. Eric tells Gerry that these are his brothers, and he introduces all of them. He tells Gerry that he is not only the oldest, but is the leader of their gang. Gerry is surprised when he hears Eric using the word "gang". He asks if Eric means gangsters, and Eric says "That's right, Gerry! Welcome to Compton, California!".

This sends Gerry screaming back to the taxi for help. His mother and step-father Maureen and Hector Wilson, respectively, exit the car and tell the kids to just give Gerry back his football, to no avail. Eric asks O'Shea and Lorenzo to take away the parents, which they successfully do. This makes Gerry's oldest brother Francis to leave the taxi and tell the kids to give his brother back his ball right now, but Eric refuses again. He tells Andre to take away Gerry, which causes Francis to run and try to save him. However, he is stopped by Antoine, who knocks him out cold. Now Packie, Derrick, and Kate are left alone with their baby half-brother and the taxi driver, whose name is Doug Higgins. They escape in the taxi, although Eric tries to chase them down. Packie stops him by blinding Eric with the camera flash on his PeachPhone.

The next day, the remaining siblings return to Compton to save their captured family members. After Kate does the Vulcan nerve pinch on Eric and makes him fall asleep, the McRearys enter their house. They find Gerry, Francis, Hector, and Maureen tied up in the Chavezs' basement. They fight off the Chavez brothers and untie their family members. When everyone is free, they all defeat the brothers (Packie taking out the most powerful one, Eric). The cops ater arrive to take away the brothers, leaving the McReary-Wilson family happy that they defeated their enemies. Now they are free to enjoy their vacation.

Legacy: Events of "Turner's Second Chance"Edit

Tristan learned about the arrest of his half-brothers in early 2016 and promised Eric that he would avenge them somehow. After Christopher Turner moved to San Francisco, he joined Tristan and his father's print works company and became their paper boy. Tristan enjoyed Chris's work and paid them well, but he fired him and his cousin Hunter Prince after finding out how Chris often messed with with his brothers in Compton back in 2015, and blamed Chris for the arrest of the Chavez brothers. Tristan became Chris and Hunter's enemy and wants to wipe the cousins out and avenge the arrest of his brothers.


  • All five siblings have at least one line in the comic. Being the main one, Eric speaks the most.
  • Each brother is named after a member of the gangsta rap band N.W.A.
  • The Chavez brothers were set to return again in a future Sibling Rivalries (before the series was cancelled), however due to the fact that the brothers are killed in Ending A of TSC, he cancelled the plans of the brothers returning in the SR franchise in order to prevent a canon ending.
  • Seeing as how Chris Turner is aware of the Chavez brothers being defeated in SOGB even though he did not appear in this comic at all to witness the arrest, it is possible that the arrest of the brothers was reported by the local news.
    • GTA Nerd says that Chris Turner lived in the area where the confrontation with the brothers occured in SOGB, so it's possible that he would have been looking right through his bedroom window and saw the brothers being taken away by the police.
  • In the first comic of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter, Packie mentions the events of "Straight Outta Green Bay" when his family defeated the Chavez brothers (he does not refer to them by name, he only calls them "bad guys").
    • Packie does not mention if the Chavez brothers were dead or not, which could show that either Ending B of TSC is canon (where the brothers were taken to jail again rather than being killed), or Ending A occurred (where the brothers were killed in the arson) and Packie had no idea of their death.


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