The Brotherly Bond: Rise of the Robots was the third full-length comic in The Brotherly Bond franchise, and the second sequel to the original The Brotherly Bond comic. Only 17 pages were written before the comic was scrapped.


While exploring Alaska, Jr, Azriel, and Andrew find a cave. When they go through it, they find themselves in Futuropolis, a futuristic underground city filled with robots. The trio meet a nice robot named Nathan, and decide to help him win the upcoming car stunts contest. Meanwhile, Crash the dog falls head over heels over a female dog named Crashette.

Character AppearencesEdit

Note: These are only the characters that appeared before the comic was discarded.

  • Jr
  • Azriel Arce
  • Andrew Ramos
  • Cianna Ramos
  • Crash
  • Crashette
  • Steve
  • Cutecumber
  • Nathan (drawing only)


  • This comic was inspired by Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, with the robot world replacing the underground dinosaur world, and Nathan being the replacement for Buck, and Crashette replacing Scratte.
  • This comic would have marked the first appearence of Nathan and his best friend Brent, and the first appearence of AZRIEL-D2, who would become Azriel's pet robot and a new addition to the main cast. However, neither of the characters appeared before the comic was scrapped (aside from Nathan, who appeared in a drawing).
  • Steve and Cutecumber, Jr and Azriel's dog friends (which are alternate dimension counterparts of the Steve and Cutecumber characters that appear in Cletus Comics) make their unofficial debuts in this comic, although they were supposed to appear in The Brotherly Bond: Prepare For The Flood! first.


The Brotherly Bond: Prepare For The Flood!
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