The Brotherly Bond: Prepare For The Flood! was the second full-length comic of The Brotherly Bond franchise, and would have been the sequel to the first The Brotherly Bond comic. Only 12 pages were written before this comic was discarded.


When Junior and Azriel hear about the flood that is coming to Alaska (which was caused by none other than Crash the dog and his crazy antics), they decide to stop it before it is too late. On the way, the two encounter two talking dogs named Steve and Cutecumber, who decide to join them on their journey.

Character AppearancesEdit

Note: These are only the characters that appeared before the comic was discarded.

  • Jr
  • Azriel
  • Andrew (mentioned only)
  • Cianna
  • Crash
  • Mikayla (mentioned)


  • This comic was inspired by Ice Age: The Meltdown, as the flood was causes the same way it happened in the movie.
  • Compared to the other full-lengths in the franchise, Azriel is much more annoyed by Junior in this installment, when the latter is teasing him of having a crush on Cianna.
  • Andrew (despite being mentioned once) would have either appeared later in the comic, have a cameo appearance, or just simply not appear at all. However, the author cancelled the comic before Andrew made his first appearance. However, his older sister Cianna (who is Jr's crush) made her first appearance in the franchise in this comic.
    • However, on a page GTA Nerd written back in 2012, which listed the characters from the franchise , some information about them, and the comics that they appeared in. On Andrew's profile, "Prepare For The Flood!" was not in his list of appearances, so apparently he would have been completely absent from this full-length.
  • Mikayla, Azriel's crush, was mentioned in this comic, although she would not appear until the spin-off series.
  • With only 12 pages, this is the shortest the author got in a full-length comic before quitting.
  • Gerald and Derrick McReary from the Sibling Rivalries franchise were mentioned in this full-length.


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