The Brotherly Bond: At World's End was the fourth and final comic of The Brotherly Bond franchise, the third sequel to the original The Brotherly Bond comic. Only 17 pages were written before the comic was scrapped.


While chasing his bone once again, Crash the dog lands in Professor Pedro's labratory. Crash accidentally sets off one of Pedro's rays, which causes the Sun to be brung closer to the Earth, making everything hot. Fearing that the whole planet could be burned up by the Sun, Jr, Azriel, AZRIEL-D2, and Andrew set out to get help from two guys named Jason and McDowell, who live in Canada.

Character AppearencesEdit

Note: These are only the characters that appeared before the comic was discarded.

  • Jr
  • Azriel Arce
  • Andrew Ramos
  • Cianna Ramos
  • Angelina Ramos
  • Steve
  • Cutecumber
  • Crash
  • Nathan (cameo)
  • Brent (cameo)


  • This comic was loosely by Ice Age: Continental Drift, although it had an entirely different plot. The scene where Nathan and Brent make a cameo appearance near the beginning is a reference to Buck's very short cameo in the opening of Continental Drift. Also, both At World's End and Continental Drift's plot involve the world being in danger.
  • Nathan and Brent (who appeared in The Brotherly Bond: Rise of the Robots) make a cameo appearance in this comic.
  • Professor Pedro (who was planned to be the main antagonist of the first TBB comic) was referenced in his comic. He would later appear in the spin-off series comic "Frightmare!".
  • By the end of this comic (if it ever finished), Azriel's arm (which was broke in the first TBB comic) would have healed, and he would not have to wear the cast anymore.
  • Angelica Ramos, Andrew's other younger sister, makes her unofficial debut appearance in this comic, although she was supposed to appear earlier in the franchise.
  • Since Rise of the Robots was never finished, this was AZRIEL-D2's unofficial first appearance in the franchise.
  • At the end of this comic, Jr and Cianna would have became a couple, and Jr, Azriel, and Andrew would become famous. The trio get to fly in a helicopter, which would mark the beginning of the spin-off series, which opens with the trio still touring the country in the helicopter.


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