The Adventures of Ray and Mond is about the misadventures of two bestfriends named Ray and Mond. The story revolves around their mishaps, mistakes, misdeeds and eventual cross over the many things that they have to go through in order to make whatever it is that they messed up right.

Story Edit

Book 1 - Let the Idiot Come! Edit

On March 7, 2009, a young boy named Ray is crossing a field when he runs into a squirrel. He talks to the squirrel and tries to pet it, but the squirrel attacks him for no reason and they both tumble down the Spring Break Festival. As soon as everyone is ready to open up for the Festival, Ray fights the Squirrel inside the festival and inadvertently destroying much of the booths, attractions and scaring of or injuring the people who are actors there. Later on, after Ray manages to win over the Squirrel, he soon sees that he accidentally destroyed the Festival. Mr. Baldwet then scolds Ray for what he did.

Several years later...

Ray is now a middle school student and is attending "Damvutt Middle School", where he is hopelessly stuck in the 8th Grade. He is sent to detention for unintentionally setting fire onto his teacher's hair and table for unknown reasons of origin. When he spends detention he meets a fellow classmate who was also sent to detention for accidentally setting a trail of thumbtacks on his classmates' seats earlier.

The guy's name is Mond and both he and Ray introduce each other, and both spend their detention together.

Characters Edit

The Characters are organized as to how they appeared in chronological terms and not in alphabetical terms.

Ray I. San Bobo - The main protagonist of the story. Ray is a guy who comes out as a kind hearted and awfully hopeless stooge who can makes things bad unintentionally but makes things good intentionally, becoming the opposite of everything he does and say.

Mr. Baldwet - A Grumpy old man who hates Ray due to his constant and problematic trait. He has suffered much of everything Ray has done, although by accident.


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