That Special Someone is the penultimate mission in Grand Theft Friendships, and the final mission given by Maria Rizo.


There is none. Shortly after completing Last Requests, Dimitri Rascalov recieves a phone call from Maria. She says Salvador has agreed to be Dimitri's friend. She says Salvador wants to talk to Dimitri in person. He's waiting at Acter. The player can choose to either go or exact revenge on Salvador for his "betrayal". After the call (if you say yes), Dimitri calls D'Angelo Magana and says he wants D'Angelo to be with him on the happiest day of his life. 


Pick up D'Angelo from his house in Broker, then drive with him to the meeting place in Acter.

Transcript of CutsceneEdit

  • D'Angelo: Hey, you ready for this?
  • Dimitri: Of course I am. Let's get this done.

(The two meet up with Salvador)

  • Salvador: So, you wanna be my friend?
  • Dimitri: You know that. Remember what happened that day. You rejected me, that's what?
  • Salvador: You sent me a note? Seriously? It said to be my friend, you included your adress and everything.
  • Dimitri: So I went a little too far. So? It's over now. You gonna be my friend or what?
  • Salvador: You got money?
  • Dimitri: MONEY?! Jesus, you're just like me! 
  • Salvador: I love me some money?
  • Dimitri: Maybe you're worse than I thought.
  • D'Angelo: Hey, you're like that, too.
  • Dimitri: I know. Sal, how much you need?
  • Salvador: $100. I'll be a rich boy!
  • Dimitri: $100?!
  • Salvador: Whoa, easy! $20's okay.
  • Dimitri: $20's fine. I got a 20.
  • D'Angelo: Dimitri (censoring DR4L's actual name),use my $20. Don't use your hard-earned money.
  • Dimitri: Ok, then. (Hands Salvador the $20)
  • Salvador: So, it's done. We're friends!
  • Dimitri: You sure? Please don't lie.
  • Salvador: Why would I lie to my NEW friend?
  • Dimitri: Yes! I did it! Everything's good! I could just cry of joy!
  • D'Angelo: Uh, you are.
  • Dimitri: Don't mind it.
  • Salvador: Well, I gotta take care of stuff. Meet me at Burger Shot tommorow and we'll start our friendship officially.
  • Dimitri: T-Thank you. You're...great!
  • D'Angelo: Yes! You did it!
  • Dimitri: No. WE did it. You wanted to be Salvador's friend, too.
  • D'Angelo: Yes, I know. Well, later, man. I'll be at Burger Shot tommorow, too. Drop by.
  • Dimitri: With Salvador there? I wouldn't miss it for the world!

After the MissionEdit

Right after the mission, Dimitri goes home and sleeps. He wakes up the next day, hoping that what he had just been through was true. You recieve 2 phone calls, one from Maria, wishing Dimitri good luck on his new friendship, and the other from Andrew Ramos, saying he's going to return to town soon (actually the next mission to ruin Dimitri and Salvador's friendship, and to "watch out". The player also recieves $100, which, strangely, is what Salvador wanted Dimitri to give him.

Post-Mission Phone CallsEdit

Call #1Edit

  • Maria: So there you go! You got Salvador!
  • Dimitri: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Maria! You're a great friend! I think I love you.
  • Maria: Uh... okay. So, have fun, Dimitri. I appreciate your help, and Salvador's your reward! Bye!

Call #2Edit

  • Dimitri: I have nothing to say to you, Andrew. You turned on me for no reason.
  • Andrew: Oh, yeah! Speaking of which, soon I'll be returning back to Liberty. I heard you "married" your boyfriend Salvador today! You forgot me, your best man.
  • Dimitri: Stop being a jerk, man.
  • Andrew: I'm a bully, I don't have to-

(Dimitri hangs up on him)

Call #3Edit

  • Salvador: Hey, dude, now that we're friends now, I was thinking of taking on with me on my trip to Quilava Island.
  • Dimitri: Sure! That sounds great! What is Quilava Island?
  • Salvador: It's a cheery little place where the cute little creatures called Quilava lead carefree lives.
  • Dimitri: Whoa.
  • Salvador: You coming? (from here on the player can choose if they want to go)


  • In the beginning phone call, Dimitri asks why he needs to meet Salvador in Alderney, which is a reference to the fact that GTF returns to BROKER during the final mission stand.

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