Terry in TLAD

Terry Clay

Terry and Clay in 2013

Terrence "Terry" Thorpe is a main character in The Lost and Damned, and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. Terry is a member of the Alderney chapter of The Lost MC, and is a good friend of Johnny Klebitz and Clay Simons.The three of them, and Angus Martin are the last remaining members of The Lost at the end of the game, but all of them (except Angus) are now dead. In GTA V Terry and Clay are killed by Trevor Philips after he brutally murders Johnny.

Terry also appears as a supporting character in Brotherhood Reborn as a close friend of primary protagonist Angus Martin. He accompanies Angus on social rides and other social outings as a trusted friend. Terry is shown to be highly loyal to his friends and a genuinely good man. He still holds a belief in numerous conspiracy theories about the federal government much to the amusement of his fellow chapter members. Angus, who would go on to form the Devils Chosen Motorcycle Club after being betrayed by The Lost, expresses disappointment and genuine sadness when Terry refuses to join him and other defectors from The Lost.

Angus expresses deep sadness upon hearing of Terry's death in 2013 in a deep and genuine show of emotion. This reaction comes as a contrast to his ambivalence over the deaths of Johnny and Clay. As a gesture of respect for his friend Angus wears a black armband for a month.

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