Taysha Barks is a main character in Cletus Comics, and a minor character in Sibling Rivalries. She is a talented singer from the fictional island Dog Island, where Steve and Cutecumber wash up on after going missing. She befriends the two, and when Steve and Cutcumber are ready to go back home, Steve talks Taysha into coming with them.

With Taysha (and also her long-lost Vlad) now living with the brothers, they all form a big family and have lots of fun. Steve married Taysha, and they had a baby named Steve, Jr. together.


  • Dog Island (first appearence, appears as the tritagonist)
  • Cletus Saves Christmas!
  • Cletus: The Movie-Comic 2: Call Me Agent Cletus
  • Goodbye, 2012, Hello, 2013!
  • Steve And Cutecumber Get Busted!
  • When CU-PID Strikes!
  • Evil Counterparts Have More Fun! (Anti-Dog counterpart only)
  • Steve, Jr.
  • When Book Worlds Collide 2: The Jerkinators!
  • Birth Of The New Evil!
  • The Third Tread
  • Playdate...Of Doom!!
  • Where's Steve?
  • Italian Takeout (cameo)
  • She Loves Me Not
  • Adventure Time
  • School Puppies
  • When The N.O.O.S.E Attack!
  • Two And A Half Puppies
  • Cletus-Ology!
  • Fairly OddPuppies
  • The Bark is Worse (Both Parts)
Sibling Rivalries


  • It is unknown what Taysha's maiden name or Vlad's last name is. It may be Fowler, but it has not been revealed in the series yet.
  • Her wig style has changed since her first appearence.

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