Tales of In-Between World has a broad storyline as it doesn't only focuses on Lathan and the main cast, but the other characters as well. This list is also for the future timeline.


Prologue: A GlimpseEdit

"Prologues sucks, but they are the beggining of every story we know. Whether it is sudden or not, it's still intriguing where one creature came from. This is my story... story of one of the lost legends eons ago." - Lathan

Princes of CrodothEdit

His SiblingsEdit


Superior Dark BeastsEdit


Cartoon Network CityEdit

Nick TownEdit

Disney LandEdit

  • ​The first three chapters' arcs are in no chronological order. This will be listed sooner once the timeline is settled.

Other RealmsEdit

Reviving the LostEdit

Core CrusherEdit

The RescueEdit

Welcome to Iurov (Pre-Twelves)Edit

​The FormationEdit

First Three MonthsEdit


​Shichtens' PowerEdit

The Teammate SwapEdit

​Prankin', ​Raidin' and Ragin'
Unusual Powerhouses
​Memory Shards

The Lost Tales of IurovEdit

Villain Redemption Arc
Shadow Arc

The Duel TournamentEdit

Retrieval of the ContinentsEdit

Return of DaggerEdit



  • ​Introduction of the Hunters


​Hide or be HuntedEdit

  • ​The Coldstone Assassin

Second to BeyondEdit

  • The Feud of the Shifters
  • Normal
  • Rising Tension
  • Bloody ​Masquerade
  • tba


​Final Decision of LathanEdit

Epilogue: If OnlyEdit

​The Multi-verse and Parallel UniverseEdit

Another Story BeginsEdit


  • These arcs are divided into major sections and doesn't included its minor arcs (aka mini-stories and character-central focused stories) yet.
  • Most known series is included here and, as told in the main article, is told in different perspectives.
  • tba

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